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Session 75

Apple has warned users of a software problem that allows some FaceTime users to see and hear the people they call - even if they don't answer the call.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

News Review

Apple issues warning about FaceTime problem

Apple has warned customers about a problem with its FaceTime software that allows people to see and hear people they call - even if they don't answer the call.

Language challenge

A sudden unexpected fault in technology is a…

a) glich
b) klitsh
c) glitch

Watch the video and complete the activity




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The story

Apple has warned of a glitch that makes it possible to eavesdrop on users of its iPhone and Mac devices. The problem is linked to the FaceTime feature, which is used for video calls. The company said a fix would be available in days.

Key words and phrases

fault in a computer programme

• A bug in the accounts system paid all the workers double their salaries.
• Dan's phone has a bug. When he takes a photo, it sometimes makes a phone call!

secretly listen to someone's conversation

• Catherine likes to eavesdrop on people's conversations when she's in cafes.
• The spy was caught eavesdropping on the secret government meeting.

correct a programme by inserting a fix

• Due to the seriousness of the programme error, we need to patch it ASAP.
• This update patches issues users have been having with the latest version.

To do

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Language challenge answer

c) glitch


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