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Session 19

Hollywood stars start a campaign to fight sexual harassment. Neil and Rob teach you the language the world's media is using to discuss this story.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

News Review

Time's Up

More than 300 actresses, writers and directors have started an initiative to help fight sexual harassment in the film industry and other workplaces. The initiative, which is called Time's Up, was announced in a full-page advert printed in the New York Times.

Language challenge

The word 'harassment' can be pronounced using two different stress patterns - HArasment or haRASSment.

Which of these words CAN'T have two stress patterns?

a) address
b) adult
c) tomorrow

Watch the video and complete the activity




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The story

Hundreds of actresses, film directors and lawyers have a launched a campaign in the United States to fight sexual harassment at work.

The women include Hollywood stars, such as Cate Blanchett and Eva Longoria.

The focus of their campaign, called Time's Up, is on people with low-paid jobs.

Key words and phrases

start a large project or initiative

repeated unpleasant behaviour which upsets or annoys someone

officially announce something new

To do

Try our quiz to see how well you've learned today's language.

News Review quiz

3 Questions

Now you've watched the video, try to answer these questions about the language in the news.

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You can download the audio and PDF document for this episode here. 

Language challenge - answer

c) tomorrow


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