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Session 207

The president of Afghanistan has fled and many people are trying to evacuate the country after the Taliban retook the capital city, Kabul.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

News Review

Afghanistan: Taliban retake Kabul

The Taliban have retaken the Afghan capital of Kabul 20 years after being removed. The president has left the country and many people are evacuating.

Roy and Catherine talk about the vocabulary from this story so you can talk about it too.

Watch the video and complete the activity



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The story

The Taliban’s seizure of Kabul comes twenty years after they were ejected from the city by a US-led offensive.

President Ashraf Ghani fled to Uzbekistan saying he relinquished control to avoid bloodshed.

The insurgents have urged calm, but Kabul is in chaos with many ordinary residents desperate to leave, fearing a bloody assault.

Key words and phrases

prepare for something difficult

  • The shareholders were told to brace themselves for the financial report.
  • He braced himself for bad news when he saw his friend’s face.

affects powerfully; overwhelms

  • There is concern as panic engulfs the nation.
  • She was engulfed by fear as the person approached.

move powerfully and quickly

  • The new government want to sweep into power and start making changes instantly.
  • The fashion trend swept the nation.


To do

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News Review quiz

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