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Session 202

Italy have won their first European championship since 1968 after the final ended on penalties against England. Learn vocabulary to talk about this news story.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

News Review

Italy win Euro 2020

Sunday evening was the final match of Euro 2020. The game saw England take on Italy. After a tense match which ended in penalties, Italy won their first European Championship since 1968.  Neil and Tom talk about the vocabulary from this story so you can talk about it too.

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The story

There’s ecstasy in Italy but agony in England after Gareth Southgate’s men were beaten on penalties in the final of Euro 2020. While in Rome, the party went late into the night after Italy won their first European championship since 1968.

Key words and phrases

expresses something suddenly and with force

  • Violence erupted at the political rally last weekend.
  • Villagers were evacuated when the volcano threatened to erupt.

shoulders blame
accepts responsibility

  • Children should not have to shoulder the blame for their parents’ mistakes.
  • This is your mistake. Don’t expect me to shoulder the blame for you!

broke into
entered without permission

  • Thieves broke into the museum late last night.
  • Hackers have caused damage after breaking into the bank’s computer system.

To do

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