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Session 192

Hospitals in India are becoming overwhelmed due to an aggressive second wave of Covid. Delays in reporting could mean the true number of infections and deaths may be much higher that thought. Learn vocabulary to talk about this story.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

News Review

India's Covid nightmare

An aggressive second wave of Covid is sweeping across India and hospitals are becoming overwhelmed – meaning they can’t cope. A new website was launched to allow adults to register for a vaccine, but demand was so high that it crashed. There is a delay in reporting the number of infections and deaths, so the true number may be much higher that thought. Neil and Catherine give you the vocabulary to talk about it.

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The story

India continues to struggle with an aggressive second wave of infections. The Indian government had announced that starting Wednesday, all adults could register for vaccinations. But the website crashed within minutes of its launch. While some managed to register, many others complained they weren’t able to get through.

Meanwhile, hospitals have been overwhelmed by more and more new patients. Families complain that access to hospital beds or even medical oxygen remains a challenge.

Testing centres are also inundated and have been unable to provide reports for two to three days – meaning the actual number of cases in the country could be much higher.

Key words and phrases

stop functioning because of being too full
(sports) fail to perform at a crucial moment

  • The roads were choked. Nothing could get through.
  • She was ten points ahead in the final but choked and ended up losing.

dragged its feet
responded slowly

  • The company dragged its feet over equal pay and ended up in court.
  • If you drag your feet any more, you’ll miss your opportunity.

pushing something in a certain direction

  • An increase in production costs can drive inflation.
  • She was driven to alcohol by all the pressure of work.

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