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Session 167

Donald Trump and Joe Biden travelled across the nation as the US election race entered its final hours. Georgina and Neil have the vocabulary you need to talk about this story.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

News Review

US election day 2020

Donald Trump and Joe Biden travelled across the nation as the US election race entered its final hours.

Republican President Trump, 74, visited five battleground states while his 77-year-old Democratic challenger spoke at a campaign event in Pennsylvania, where the race also looks tight.

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The story

Donald Trump and Joe Biden will spend their final day of campaigning [Monday] in the key American states that are expected to decide who will become the next US president in tomorrow’s election.

The Democratic challenger Mr Biden is ahead in most polls but his lead has been narrowing.

Key words and phrases

organised special effort to deal with a problem quickly

  • The police had a blitz on cyclists ignoring traffic lights.
  • This weekend we decided to blitz the kitchen – it looks so clean now.

shore up
help support something to make sure it doesn’t fail

  • She used hard evidence to shore up her argument.
  • The government promised they would shore up unemployment benefit during the Covid-19 crisis.

final sprint
last big effort in a campaign

  • The negotiations enter a final sprint before the deadline tonight.
  • The marathon runner pushed himself for the final sprint.

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