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Session 166

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex - Harry and Meghan - have reached a deal with streaming giant Netflix to make a range of programmes. They might even appear in some of them. Catherine and Rob have the vocabulary you need to talk about this story.

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Activity 1

News Review

Harry and Meghan to make shows with Netflix

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have reached a deal with streaming giant Netflix. They'll make a range of programmes and might even appear in some of them. 

The multi-year deal will include documentaries, docu-series, feature films, scripted shows and children's programming. Earlier this year, the couple stepped down from royal life and moved to California to live away from the media spotlight.

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The story

When Harry and Meghan parted ways with royal life and royal funding, many were left wondering what commercial ventures they might pursue. The combination of a proven Hollywood star and an international star, in the form of a prince, made broadcasting an obvious choice.

The multi-year deal will reportedly see the couple produce a variety of programmes from documentaries to children’s shows for the platform’s almost two hundred million subscribers.

How much the contract is worth, like so many things in royal life, is private.

Key words and phrases

laughed at; made fun of

  • The boy was mocked because he came last in the running race.
  • ‘Did the dog eat your homework again?’ the teacher mocked.

land (verb)
get; achieve something you wanted 

  • Our company has landed a multi-million pound deal to supply cups to coffee shops.
  • She’s trying to land a job as a senior manager. 

effective; influential

  • The president’s speech was very impactful.
  • Her impactful approach meant that everyone wanted to work for her.

To do

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