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Session 153

If you're missing festivals, British events promoter Melvin Benn believes he has a solution to make sure they go ahead "as normal" in 2021: Compulsory testing for coronavirus. Neil and Georgina discuss this news story and look at the vocabulary being used.

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Activity 1

News Review

Covid-19: Events promoter has a plan to bring live music back

Melvin Benn, managing director of Festival Republic, wants to use compulsory coronavirus testing at music festivals. Avoiding gatherings is considered a crucial step to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Neil and Georgina discuss this news story and look at the vocabulary being used.

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The story

The man behind Wireless and Reading and Leeds has told Newsbeat he’s got a plan to get festivals back to full capacity next year.

Melvin Benn says customers could get regularly tested before an event to prove they haven’t got coronavirus. "I know that I can deliver that because of the incentive that’s at the end of that test i.e. to go and watch a concert or a football match or go to a festival.There’s a lot of organisation but it’s really really doable."

But for his plan to go ahead government guidelines would have to change as most people can only get an NHS test if they are already showing symptoms.

Key words and phrases

getting going
starting something often after a delay

  • We need to get going after lunch.
  • Sporting events hope to get going by next year.

introduces something for the first time

  • The artist unveiled his new painting.
  • The new boss unveiled her plans for the company.

creates the first version of something

  • The president drafted his new plans for the country.
  • I sent my first draft of my essay to my teacher today.

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