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Session 140

The traditional Oktoberfest beer festival in the German city of Munich has been cancelled because of coronavirus. Neil and Catherine look at the vocabulary in the news around this story.

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Activity 1

News Review

Coronavirus: Oktoberfest cancelled

Oktoberfest has been cancelled because of coronavirus. The biggest beer festival in the world, which takes place in Munich, usually attracts six million people a year. Neil and Catherine look at the vocabulary in the news around this story.

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The story

You can perhaps understand why the authorities have made this call. If you’ve been to Oktoberfest, you’ll know that people pack into huge decorated tents. They sit side by side at trestle tables drinking beer and eating German food while listening to German brass bands. The authorities have simply taken the view that it would be far too great a risk to public health to let it continue.

Key words and phrases

very famous; represents a particular idea 

  • The Eiffel Tower is Paris’s most iconic landmark.
  • Most people agree The Beatles were the most iconic band from the 1960s.

bitter pill
unpleasant but necessary

  • The coronavirus lockdown is a bitter pill.
  • Tax increases may help the economy but they are a bitter pill to swallow.

not continued; cancelled 

  • The new law was so unpopular it was eventually scrapped.
  • I scrapped my plans to throw Katka a surprise birthday party when she said she hated surprises.

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