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Session 117

A new spray that makes toilets slippery could save billions of litres of water every day. Neil and Georgina teach you the language the world's media is using to discuss this story.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

News Review

Slippery toilets could save billions of litres of water

People use about 140 billion litres of water a day. Now a newly invented ultra-slippery toilet spray could help reduce that amount dramatically.

Language challenge

Which word means ‘toilet’ in British slang?

a) zoo
b) loo
c) poo

Watch the video and complete the activity



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The story

Researchers in the United States say they have produced an ultra-slippery coating for toilets that could help to save vast quantities of water around the world.

They say the spray-on coating significantly reduces the amount of water needed to flush a toilet effectively.

Key words and phrases

unpleasant to look at

  • There is some unsightly graffiti on the bus stop.
  • The neighbours left an unsightly pile of rubbish outside their house.

state of the art
the most technologically advanced

  • My new car is state of the art – it’s solar powered.
  • I bought a state-of-the-art robot vacuum cleaner – it really works!

get rid of/dispose of

  • A snake sheds its skin a few times a year.
  • Rob gave up eating chocolate biscuits and shed weight.


To do

Try our quiz to see how well you've learned today's language.

News Review Quiz

3 Questions

Now you've watched the video, try to answer these questions about the language in the news.

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Language challenge answer

b) loo


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