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Session 3

There are millions of species of animals in the world. Unfortunately many of them are under threat of extinction. Do you know what they look like? Try our picture quiz and a reading activity to learn about some of the most endangered creatures on earth.

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Activity 1

Who is who in the animal world?

Can you imagine a time when people will only know what a tiger or a rhinoceros looks like by looking at a picture in a history book? Many species are on the road to extinction right before our eyes.

In this picture quiz, you can see 5 of the most endangered species on earth - as well as some pretty common animals! Can pick the species which are under threat?

Read the text and complete the activity

To do

We give you the name of the endangered animal and you have to choose which one it is from the pictures. Good luck!

Who is who in the animal world?

5 Questions

We give you the name. You click on the picture of the correct animal.

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We hope you enjoyed the quiz as much as a visit to the zoo. In the next activity you have a chance to practise your reading skills and learn more about the animals you've just seen - world's most endangered species.

Session Vocabulary

  • species
    set of animals or plants that are similar to each other and can breed together

    the situation where something doesn't exist any more

    under threat of not existing any more; dying out

    member of the group of animals including monkeys, apes and humans