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Session 4

Academic Writing 9 – Project presentations

Welcome back to Academic Writing – the series where you'll find activities to help you develop your writing skills and become a top-class distance learner. This time we're looking at how you can present an academic project perfectly!

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Activity 1

Turning your project into a presentation

When you're studying at university, sooner or later you'll probably have to write a long project of some kind – and then you'll probably have to make a short presentation about it. Whether you're presenting face-to-face or through the magic of the internet, the activities on this page will help you prepare for a presentation, design your slides, and show you what to do and say on presentation day!

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Presentation preparation tips

How do you start to get ready for a presentation? Try the activity to get our tips!

To do

Complete the presentation preparation tips in the gap fill activity.

Preparing your presentation

6 Questions

Complete the presentation preparation tips by choosing the correct word for each gap

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When you're getting you presentation ready, you're probably going to need to organise a slide show. Go to the next activity to find out how to create perfect presentation slides.

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