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Session 4

Academic Writing 4 – Written assignments

Welcome back to Academic Writing – the course with the tips and tools to get you on course for writing success. This time we're looking at perhaps the most important part of academic writing: understanding your assignments!

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Activity 2

Defining question words

The most important step in assignment writing is making sure you understand the task. You need to understand the 'question' or 'process' words – and pay close attention to the 'content' words.


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Try this matching activity to test what you know about question words.

Choose the right question words

8 Questions

Choose the correct question words to complete these assignment titles.

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Study Tip

The differences between some of these question words can be very slim, so take your time and make sure you completely understand the question. If you're in doubt, you can ask your tutor or online study group for advice.


Time to put your knowledge of assigment types and question words to the test! Go to the next activity page to analyse two academic answers and decide which is the best!

Session Vocabulary

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