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Session 3

Study Skills 4 – Preparing for assignments

Welcome back to the 'Study and Exam Skills' series – this is the part of our 'Go The Distance' course where we share top tips for academic success with short, fun animated videos. This time we're looking at a key area of academic study: preparing for written assignments.

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Activity 2

Do you understand the question?

Getting the question words right

As well as understanding the types of assignments you have to do in distance learning, it's crucially important to make sure you understand the question. This might seem basic, but not all academic question words are straightforward!

To do

Here are seven instructions words that are found in writing assignment questions. They are also sometimes referred to as 'process words'. Take a look at the image and try our gapfill activity to check you've understood what they mean!

Try the activity

Getting the question words right

6 Questions

We asked you about seven process / instruction words that are found in writing assignment questions. Fill in the gaps to check you've understood.

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6 top tips for writing success

That's almost it for this Study Skills unit – you can find links to more useful resources for practising your study skills at the bottom of the page.

But before we finish, let's review what we've learned about how to tackle written assignments. See if you identified all 6 tips!

  • Find out what kind of assignment you have to complete – is it an essay, report or something else?
  • Check the deadline for the assignment – when do you need to hand it in?
  • See if there is a marking guide – this is useful to check if your writing meets the assessment criteria for your assignment
  • Assignments often have a word limit – this will tell you have much you have to write
  • Read the question or title carefully. Check you understand the 'process words' – they tell you what you need to do in the assignment
  • Use content words in the question to focus on the topic of your assignment

Find out more

Visit our partner The Open University for more study tips – just click on the 'Where next?' link.

Where next?

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Session Vocabulary

  • Find out more about distance learning – visit our partner,The OU


    To help you understand the tips in this Study Skills video, here is a key word and its definition:

    to ace
    to perform extremely well in a task