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Unit 1: Drama: Father and Son

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  1. 1 Drama: Father and Son

Session 7

The body of missing man, Jamie Phelps, has been discovered. It's time for the detectives to work out how his body ended up on the beach - was it suicide or did someone kill him? Can you help to work it out?

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Episode 7

In this seventh episode, it's time for Callie and Nikesh to do some real detective work. They need to work out how Jamie Phelp's died. The arrival of his PA, Juliet Arnott, might help them with their investigation. Can you help work out what has happened? 


Watch the video and complete the activity

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Yes m’am. She identified him last night. I was with her. Too soon to tell…. it’s likely he jumped or fell. Yes mam, I’ll keep you fully in the loop… Yes, I understand.

What time is it?

Seven thirty. I’m just getting a head start on my paperwork backlog. What is this situation, please?

I just needed more than forty five minutes without a screaming baby in my ear. I stayed up with her until two last night to help Denise out, then came in here. So quiet, it’s beautiful.

Hmm. Are you OK after last night? I’m supposed to ask if you want to speak to someone. A counsellor or…

Nah. Pretty full on first day back but… I should be alright. Thanks, mate.

Bloody hell Nikesh. Take a shower, you stink.



Did they have? Yes! You wee dancer. 

We don’t need to do this for a suicide, Cal?

I know but… I just want to make sure we didn’t miss anything yesterday evening… So, Dreamers Cliffs, 200 feet and Jamie Phelps’ body was discovered at the foot of them by… Fatima Jamali at 5pm yesterday, she was out on a walk. Seemed very dead. The body was wet – the tide had recently gone out. His phone and laptop were discovered close to the body.

So, yesterday afternoon, after he sent the text to his wife, he jumped from the edge of the cliff path with his phone and laptop in his arms. Pip still in the car.

Yes. Which is the odd bit, isn’t it? Pip. Being there, being in the car.

Yes… that’s the bit that… I don’t know. What’s this?

Chewing gum. From inside his mouth.

He was chewing gum?

Apparently. We’ll have to wait for forensics, but… seems that way.

And then there’s this. Dad and Woody. You know, I spoke to Ms Phelps about this again last night, after the ID. And, look she says Pip’s not really into Toy Story, he likes Frozen. But yesterday, after they got home, he was all Woody this and Woody that. 

I don’t want to base too much on the ramblings of a four year old. Kids… make stuff up, imagine things… whatever. They’re unreliable.

I wouldn’t say that ...

They said I could come up. I’ve just been into the office… what’s that? Who’s….? Oh no!

Mrs Arnott, please step this way. I’m so sorry that you saw that. The front desk should never have left you up… If you just head through here... have a seat.

I’m afraid we have found a body and Lucy Phelps has identified it as that of her husband. It looks as though he may have taken his own life.

But I don’t… it doesn’t… but he paid it.

Paid what Mrs Arnott?

The ransomware. All the files have been returned. That’s why I came in.

Jamie Phelps paid the ransomware!


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Tell us what you think of our drama. Send us your comments here.

Here's what you've been saying so far...

The actors are great in their performances and the mystery in each episode gets more interesting. Thanks a lot for this kind of programme.
Manuel, Chile

I think P.A of Jamie Phelps is way too interested in him and close to him in a diffirent way. She knows him very well and apparently every step he takes, even though his wife doesn’t. I think there is an affair between them and his wife knows it all. I think that she had known money was gone long before his disappearance, she planned all of this ransomware to blackmail him and when he had paid the money she got furious - maybe she killed him because she wasn’t expecting him to pay the money. And I think Arthur Montogomery helped him out with the loan because they were actually close, like he said, or maybe he was scared for this privacy.
Shay, Turkey

I think the chef is the most suspicious. He wears a cowboy hat on the cover of his cuisine book, like... Woody. Maybe he is directly implicated in the crime and Pip saw him!
Michela, Italy

I really love these new episodes of the crime drama. Thanks for what you've been making for the learners like me☺☺☺
Felizardo, Angola

I'm fond of this series . As I'm a big fan of crime drama and the British accent, I found this series absolutely astonishing. Thank you so much BBC and I hope you keep going.
Amani, Saudi Arabia

I'm enthusiastic about this way of learning English. Please, after the end of this drama involve us with another one.
Perfetti, Italy

I am greatly delighted with your new detective drama Father and Son! I have been following most of them with my student, but this one struck me with! superb acting and I felt as if it were a real life story. I am really looking forward to the next episodes.
Irene, Russia


You can download the audio and PDF document for episode 7.


Writer - Samara Maclaren
Producer/Director - Rob Carter
Camera - Elly Nakajima and Matt Gillan
Editing/Post production - Elly Nakajima
Sound - Ed Capes


Callie - Helen Belbin
Nikesh - Grant Leat
Lucy - Veronica Jean Trickett
Evan - Will Harrison-Wallace
Paul - Nigel Thomas
Arthur - Darren Benedict
Juliet - Sarah Barlin
Sarah - Charlene Hamilton

Episode 8 of Father and Son will continue in Session 8

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Session Vocabulary

  • Useful words and phrases from this episode

    intentionally killing yourself

    solving crimes using scientific methods

    long and confused talking of little importance

    taken his own life
    killed himself

    a terrible smell

    a person trained to give psychological help

    foot (of the cliffs)

    a track made by people walking

    the rising and falling of the sea