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Unit 1: Drama: Father and Son

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  1. 1 Drama: Father and Son

Session 6

Could the celebrity chef Arthur Montgomery have some information which leads to the whereabouts of missing man Jamie Phelps? They spoke on the phone on the day of the disappearance. But what did they talk about? 

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Activity 2

Father and Son: Episode 6 - part 2

It doesn't make sense

After speaking to Arthur Montgomery, Callie and Nikesh review the facts of the case, but nothing seems to make sense. Can you work out what's happened to Jamie Phelps before our detectives?

Watch the video and complete the activity

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I did actually email Phelps’s secretary this afternoon. Just so we’re dotting all the i’s.

Really, what about?

Make an appointment. Can’t put the blasted accounts off forever.

Is it usual for your accountant to call you from his mobile? Out-with office hours?

Well, like I said. We’ve always got on well. And I can be difficult to get hold of.

But not today.

No. If there’s nothing else, I’ve got to go.

Thanks for your time.

Pleasure meeting you Mr Montgomery. Let me show you out.



I don’t get it. He’s a total tool.

No, it’s all part of his thing, you know… you should watch his show. It’s part of his vibe.

All I’ll say, is that if a woman behavedthe way he does, there is no way she would have a TV show and a book deal.

I think we should go over this timeline. Take me through what we’ve got.

Right, so, he was hacked last night and he only saw the ransomware email this morning. Probably before he left the family home at 24 Carnwell Avenue. He leaves the house at 08:00, drives towards work at 56 Harbour Road. He’s supposed to drop Pip off at nursery but doesn’t. On his way to work, at 8:25 he speaks to Juliet Arnott, his PA, asks her what’s going on. Then, calls his brother, Paul Stevenson, at 8:35, asks for a loan. Paul says no. He then gets to the office on Harbour Road at around 8:45. Goes inside, gets something – some files from his desk. We’re not sure which client they pertain to. He then gets back in the car, calls one of his clients, Arthur Montgomery, asks him to send in his paperwork. He then heads out of town past Beltonfield Park, Pip still in the car. And a couple of hours later, leaves Pip in a carpark and sends a text to his wife asking for forgiveness.



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Here's what some of you have been saying...

I am greatly delighted with your new detective drama Father and Son! I have been following most of them with my student, but this one struck me with! superb acting and I felt as if it were a real life story . I am really looking forward to the next episodes.
Irene - Russia

I love this show! so thrilling! I think the father has something to hide, the wife has discovered it (or is about to) and he's trying to fix up the mess he's made!
Audrey - France

It's my first day learning English listening after works. I love detective movies, novels all the time. The drama appeals to me very much!
Gary - Taiwan

I love this crime drama me and my sister watch it on our free time and it helps us with our english and it's awesome to watch it! It's an awesome series! Me and my sister are already fluents but it's all very easy to understand! Thank you so much! For this awesome series!
Ashley - Portugal

It's creating more and more suspense now.
Tushar - India


You can download the audio and transcript for Episode 5 here. 

Episode 6, part 3 will be available in the next activity.

Session Vocabulary

  • Useful words and phrases from this episode

    dishonest person


    dotting the i's
    carefully adding the final details

    get hold of someone
    contact someone

    get money from someone by threatening to reveal embarrassing information about them

    waterproof, usually rubber boots

    (slang) an insult about someone who behaves in a stupid way to attract attention