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Unit 1: Drama: Father and Son

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  1. 1 Drama: Father and Son

Session 5

In our crime drama, we now get to meet two people who might be able to help explain the mysterious disappearance of Jamie Phelps. Find out what they've got to say.

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Episode 5

In this fifth epsiode, we get to meet some people who knew missing man, Jamie Phelps. What will they reveal and will it help explain what's happened to Jamie?


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  1.  Interview Room 3

This interview is being recorded and may be given in evidence at a later date. We are in interview room 3, at Beltonfield Police Station. The date is 23rd October 2019 and the time 1534. I am DS Callie Pritchard. Please state your full name and date of birth.

Paul Stevenson, 5th July 1979.

2. interview room 5

Juliet Arnott, 13th of the 2nd, 1988.

Mrs Arnot, what is your connection to Jamie Phelps?

I’m Jamie’s P.A. [personal assistant] - We’ve been working together for seven years. I moved with him when he left KPL and started up on his own.

3. interview room 3

What's your relationship to Jamie Phelps?

He’s my brother, look is this going to take long?

It’ll take as long as it takes, I’m afraid. But you are here of your own free will, you may leave at any time.

Fine, alright, it’s just, I have work to do. I’m only here because Lucy… Fine, fine, carry on.

I’ll cut to the chase then, Mr Stevenson. According to Lucy Phelps, your sister-in-law, there is fifteen thousand pounds missing from one of her and her husband’s accounts, money paid to you by your brother. Help me out here, you appear to be a wealthy man, why was Mr Phelps paying you all that money?

Jamie’s such a wuss, he should have told her.

Told her what?

It was an investment. We invested in a new cryptocurrency called Wok. Really exciting stuff. You got a better deal the more coins you bought, so we went in together. He sent me the money and I bought us 2 thousand Wok coins.

Wok? Wasn’t that in the news recently?

Yah, it’s all folded. Real shame. Their block chain was hacked. And look, that’s the deal. That’s the risk. You’ve got to be in it to win it. But you don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

Could Jamie afford to lose fifteen grand?

Well, it turns out, no. Idiot. But I only found that out this morning.

4. interview room 5

He’s a lovely, lovely man you know? Head screwed on. Heart in the right place. And his wee boy? Did you say he was found by the side of the road? It never occurred to me that Pip was in the car. Oh… I don’t know how he’s got himself into such a pickle... I know no-one’s saying it, but, you must think he’s done away with himself. That’s what blokes do when they have money troubles isn’t it? But it’s not him. He wouldn’t. I mean, this morning he was stressed but he had a plan, he was engaged. I could tell.

A plan for what d’you think?

To deal with the ransomware.

What ransomware?

What’s why I’m here, isn’t it?

5. Office kitchen

Hit me.

Right, so the company’s files were taken ransom with this computer virus – malware, last night. It’s pretty simple, the files are stolen and held until a ransom is paid. In this case twenty-five thousand pounds. The threat is usually either to delete them, or to publish them online. According to Mrs Arnott, the threat here was to publish. They’ve got some high profile clients – so privacy is important.

And people pay these things?

Yeah, it happens all the time. They’re smart enough to ask for amounts of money that people might be able to scrape together.

Who is “they”?

Cyber criminals. Anyone – anywhere in the world, even a kid in California in his bedroom…

So Jamie got one of these last night…

Well it happened last night, but he only realised this morning.   

Juliet (on tape)
He called me from the car. Said we’d been hacked, and he was on his way in. They’d sent emails to his personal account and the company’s.

And how did he seem on the phone?

A bit shaky, shocked. I shouldn’t have told you. He made me promise to keep it a secret. I know it’s a lot of money, but I dare say he’s got savings and investments… The thing is, if the files were released… it’s not only his career that would be destroyed. Some of our clients, you know…

She wouldn’t talk after that. I think it suddenly occurred to her that she might be about to lose her job.

Ok, ok ok. So, the brother confirmed to me that he spoke to Jamie this morning. Apparently, Jamie called him asking for a loan. But reading between the lines, there’s not a lot of brotherly love going on there, and Paul, charmer that he is, said no.

Nice. So he’s broke, lost all of his savings, his business is being blackmailed and his brother…

…financial advisor of the year, by the way…

…won’t bail him out. So the next person… last person? he speaks to is…

Nikesh (answers phone)
Yes…. OK… Cheers, send him up. We’ve only got the celebrity chef, Arthur Montgomery, here. Listen, before we get started, can I just ask him a super quick question about his baba ghanoush recipe?

No, Nikesh… not a good idea. 

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I am greatly delighted with your new detective drama Father and Son! I have been following most of them with my student, but this one struck me with! superb acting and I felt as if it were a real life story . I am really looking forward to the next episodes.
Irene - Russia

I love this show! so thrilling! I think the father has something to hide, the wife has discovered it (or is about to) and he's trying to fix up the mess he's made!
Audrey - France

It's my first day learning English listening after works. I love detective movies, novels all the time. The drama appeals to me very much!
Gary - Taiwan

I love this crime drama me and my sister watch it on our free time and it helps us with our english and it's awesome to watch it! It's an awesome series! Me and my sister are already fluents but it's all very easy to understand! Thank you so much! For this awesome series!
Ashley - Portugal

It's creating more and more suspense now.
Tushar - India


You can download the audio and PDF document for episode 5.


Writer - Samara Maclaren
Producer/Director - Rob Carter
Camera - Elly Nakajima and Matt Gillan
Editing/Post production - Elly Nakajima
Sound - Ed Capes


Callie - Helen Belbin
Nikesh - Grant Leat
Lucy - Veronica Jean Trickett
Evan - Will Harrison-Wallace
Paul - Nigel Thomas
Arthur - Darren Benedict
Juliet - Sarah Barlin
Sarah - Charlene Hamilton

Episode 6 of Father and Son will continues in Session 6

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Session Vocabulary

  • Useful words and phrases from this episode

    cut to the chase
    deal with the most important things first

    digital currency that uses cryptography to make sure
    payments are sent and received safely

    public record of transactions made in a cryptocurrency in chronological order

    in (such) a pickle
    in a difficult situation

    software designed by criminals to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid

    get money from someone by threatening to tell a secret of theirs or damage their reputation in some way

    discontinue operating

    software designed to cause damage

    scrape together
    struggle to collect