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Unit 1: Drama: Father and Son

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  1. 1 Drama: Father and Son

Session 5

In our crime drama, we now get to meet two people who might be able to help explain the mysterious disappearance of Jamie Phelps. Find out what they've got to say.

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Go backstage!

Rob's here with a review of the story so far, your comments and feedback and the winners of this week's prize draw.

*PLEASE NOTE: This video was recorded during the first launch of the drama and the prize giveaway is now closed and you are unable to enter.*

Watch the video and complete the activity

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Watch Episode 4 here

Your say...

Tell us what you think of our drama. Send us your comments here.

Here's what you've been saying...

I am greatly delighted with your new detective drama Father and Son! I have been following most of them with my student, but this one struck me with! superb acting and I felt as if it were a real life story . I am really looking forward to the next episodes.
Irene - Russia

I love this show! so thrilling! I think the father has something to hide, the wife has discovered it (or is about to) and he's trying to fix up the mess he's made!
Audrey - France

It's my first day learning English listening after works. I love detective movies, novels all the time. The drama appeals to me very much!
Gary - Taiwan

I love this crime drama me and my sister watch it on our free time and it helps us with our english and it's awesome to watch it! It's an awesome series! Me and my sister are already fluents but it's all very easy to understand! Thank you so much! For this awesome series!
Ashley - Portugal

It's creating more and more suspense now.
Tushar - India


You can download the latest audio episode and transcript here.

What happens next? The full Episode 5 will be available in Activity 5.

Session Vocabulary

  • Useful words and phrases from this episode

    cut to the chase
    deal with the most important things first

    (informal) describes a person who is not brave

    digital currency that uses cryptography to make sure payments are sent and received safely

    public record of transactions made in a cryptocurrency in chronological order

    in (such) a pickle
    in a difficult situation

    software designed by criminals to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid

    getting money from someone by threatening to tell a secret of theirs or damage their reputation in some way