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Unit 1: Drama: Father and Son

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  1. 1 Drama: Father and Son

Session 5

In our crime drama, we now get to meet two people who might be able to help explain the mysterious disappearance of Jamie Phelps. Find out what they've got to say.

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Activity 2

Father and Son: Episode 5 - part 2

Help me out here!

Jamie Phelps is a missing man. His brother continues to be questioned by detective Callie Pritchard, while Jamie's PA, Juliet is continuing to help Nikesh with his enquiries. Will they reveal anything important?

Watch the video and complete the activity

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Help me out here, you appear to be a wealthy man, why was Mr Phelps paying you all that money?

Jamie’s such a wuss, he should have told her.

Told her what?

It was an investment. We invested in a new cryptocurrency called Wok. Really exciting stuff. You got a better deal the more coins you bought, so we went in together. He sent me the money and I bought us 2 thousand Wok coins.

Wok? Wasn’t that in the news recently.

Yah, it’s all folded. Real shame. Their block chain was hacked. And look, that’s the deal. That’s the risk. You’ve got to be in it to win it. But you don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

Could Jamie afford to lose fifteen grand?

Well it turns out, no. Idiot. But I only found that out this morning.

1. Interview room b

He’s a lovely, lovely man you know? Head screwed on. Heart in the right place. And his wee boy? Did you say he was found by the side of the road? It never occurred to me Pip was in the car. Oh… I don’t know how he’s got himself into such a pickle…. Well I mean. I know no-one’s saying it, but, you must think he’s done away with himself. That’s what blokes do when they have money troubles isn’t it? But it’s not him. He wouldn’t. And this morning, he seemed… well he seemed stressed, but he was engaged. He had a plan I could tell.

A plan for what d’you think?

Well to deal with the Ransomware.

What ransomware?

Well, isn’t that why I’m here?



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Here's what some of you have been saying...

The drama is getting more interesting. I guess that something troubled Jamie. He is an accountant and dealing with some rich clients. Maybe a financial crime has involved. Lucy sensed or knew something wrong with him. But she doesn't want to speak it out. I am a fan of your English learning programs. I have learned a lot from them. Thank you.
Lucy, New Zealand

I've always loved consuming the BBC Learning English content not just because there is a wide range of options to choose from, but also the REAL GOOD content itself and I'm even more excited to watch this new drama series since I've always enjoyed suspense/drama stuff!!!
Mery, Brazil

Hi I think this thriller has benefited from an unpredictable plot in addition to fine actors I am very eager to watch next episode thank you for preparing it.
Shima, Iran

It's really exciting! I look forward to find out what's happened to Pip's family!
Marco, Italy

Father and son is an excellent option to train my ear. It is about something different and I want to congratulate you because thanks to you I have learned a bit of the English language. Please keep up your innovations and above all, give my congratulations to Helen. I love her. Please, I want to work with the BBC.
Luis, Colombia


You can download the audio and transcript for Episode 4 here. 

Episode 5, part 3 will be available in the next activity.

Session Vocabulary

  • Useful words and phrases from this episode

    cut to the chase
    deal with the most important things first

    (informal) describes a person who is not brave

    digital currency that uses cryptography to make sure
    payments are sent and received safely

    public record of transactions made in a cryptocurrency in chronological order

    in (such) a pickle
    in a difficult situation

    software designed by criminals to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid

    getting money from someone by threatening to tell a secret of theirs or damage their reputation in some way