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Unit 1: Drama: Father and Son

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  1. 1 Drama: Father and Son

Session 4

Pip has been found safe and well, but his mysterious drawings have given our detectives something to think about as they try to track down Jamie Phelps. 

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Go backstage!

Rob's here with a review of the story so far, your comments and feedback and the winners of this week's prize draw.

*PLEASE NOTE: This video was recorded during the first launch of the drama and the prize giveaway is now closed and you are unable to enter.* 

Watch the video and complete the activity

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Your say...

Tell us what you think of our drama. Send us your comments here.

Here's what you've been saying...

The drama is getting more interesting. I guess that something troubled Jamie. He is an accountant and dealing with some rich clients. Maybe a financial crime has involved. Lucy sensed or knew something wrong with him. But she doesn't want to speak it out. I am a fan of your English learning programs. I have learned a lot from them. Thank you
Lucy, New Zealand

I've always loved consuming the BBC Learning English content not just because there is a wide range of options to choose from, but also the REAL GOOD content itself and I'm even more excited to watch this new drama series since I've always enjoyed suspense/drama stuff!!!
Mery, Brazil

Hi I think this thriller has benefited from an unpredictable plot in addition to fine actors I am very eager to watch next episode thank you for preparing it
Shima, Iran

It's really exciting! I look forward to find out what's happened to Pip's family!
Marco, Italy

Father and son is an excellent option to train my ear. It is about something different and I want to congratulate you because thanks to you I have learned a bit of the English language. Please keep up your innovations and above all, give my congratulations to Helen. I love her. Please, I want to work with the BBC
Luis, Colombia


You can download the latest audio episode and transcript here.

What happens next? The full Episode 4 will be available in Activity 5.

Session Vocabulary

  • Useful words and phrases from this episode

    top themselves
    kill themselves; commit suicide

    dual carriageway
    an out-of-town road with two lanes going in the same direction

    making a loud sound like a lion or the sea

    bang on