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Unit 1: Drama: Father and Son

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  1. 1 Drama: Father and Son

Session 2

Our new crime drama continues. Two detectives are trying to work out what's really happened to Jamie Phelps and his son, who have been reported missing by wife and mother, Lucy Phelps. 

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Episode 2

In this second episode, detectives Callie Pritchard and Nikesh Ready continue to hear from Lucy Phelps about her missing husband and son. Is she telling truth and if she is, what has happened to them? Let us know what you think.

Watch the video and complete the activity

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  1.  Interview room

Lucy is texting on her phone to Whatsapp group ‘St Saviours Mums’

Don’t want to panic anyone bu….

Help! I can’t…

Did anyone see Jamie and Pip this morning? They’ve gone AWOL. I’m getting worried.

“I’m getting”

     2. Office

I’ve spoken to nursery, no one saw him. His PA says he was in and out in about three minutes.

Because he had the kid in the car.

Looks like it. I can’t be doing with this. The amount of paperwork I’ve got…You know what’ll happen. We’ll spend all day, running around in circles and then come six o’clock he’ll roll on in. Been to the zoo.

I wonder if she might be right to be worried.



Right, well that’s some really forensic analysis there Scooby Do.

I’m going to get a bit more out of her.

She can drink her tea and we’re sending her home. Nikesh! I am actually the senior officer here.

3.  Interview room

Ms Phelps, we’d like to build a clearer picture of your husband’s state of mind. In order to establish whether there is any cause for concern here.


You said that last night Jamie sent some emails. Do you know who they might have been to?

No. I mean, I presume they were work contacts.

Does he have a separate computer for work?

No. He has a laptop which is synced with his office computer. He uses it for everything.

And do you know the whereabouts of the laptop?

No, with Jamie. Presumably.

Did Jamie take any calls or send any emails this morning?

No. Oh, actually, yes, ok. His phone did ping a couple of times – emails. He took a quick look but… we were having breakfast. You know what he didn’t…

Text message from Miriam arrives

“Babes, I saw Jamie and Pip this mrn @ the lights nr Preston Park. Heading out of town. You ok? What’s going on?”

Who do you know out that way? Any friends? Family? Clients?

Loads of people I guess. But why would he…

Lucy, you were about say something about Jamie this morning. What didn’t he do?

He didn’t. It’s silly, but he didn’t kiss my hand. We do this thing in the morning where he kisses my hand before he goes to work. Pip does it too. It’s just a…

But he didn’t do it this morning?

No. He didn’t.

Ms Phelps, what were Jamie and Pip wearing this morning?

Eh, Jamie was wearing a suit, a blue suit with an open collar. Pip had green cord dungarees and a yellow long sleeved t-shirt. And a navy hooded jacket on. He will have had Mr Pom Pom, his toy elephant.

Sorry, I’ll put this on silent…

She reads the text on her phone and wails in distress.


Father and Son quiz

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Now you've watched our drama, try to answer these questions about the story.

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Your say...

Tell us what you think of our drama or tell us what you think might happen next. Send us your comments here.

Here's what some of you have been saying...

Looks like Jamie might be having an extramarital affair or something like that, but then another point comes to mind why would someone indulged in these things, bring their child with them? I'm perplexed.
Teji, India

I think it´s a very interesting topic and I believe that we will discover some secrets which are hidden in the relationship of the woman and her husband who is missing.
Fernando, Argentina

Hi, I'm a great fan of BBC learning English. This drama is amazing! It looks like my favorite detective story, "Line of duty" presented by BBC. Besides, I can hear and learn natural English conversation. Thank you !
Nobu, 日本

I reckon that she killed her husband for some reason (maybe there was a loud of problems between them ) sent her son to be with someone somewhere so, she's reported to cops to keep herself away from suspecting.
Zahra, Iraq


You can download the audio and PDF document for this episode.


Writer - Samara Maclaren
Producer/Director - Rob Carter
Camera - Elly Nakajima and Matt Gillan
Editing/Post production - Elly Nakajima
Sound - Ed Capes


Callie - Helen Belbin
Nikesh - Grant Leat
Lucy - Veronica Jean Trickett
Evan - Will Harrison-Wallace
Paul - Nigel Thomas
Arthur - Darren Benedict
Juliet - Sarah Barlin
Sarah - Charlene Hamilton

Episode 3 of Father and Son will continue in Session 3/Activity 1.

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Session Vocabulary

  • Useful words and phrases from this episode

    preparing reports and other written tasks that are part of your job

    state of mind
    how someone is feeling and behaving at that time

    detailed scientific methods used to solve a crime

    Scooby Doo fictional cartoon dog, famous for solving crimes

    clothing item consisting of trousers and a piece of cloth covering the chest, held up by straps over the shoulders

    missing (from the military acronym - absent without official leave)

    going in the direction of

    (informal for sychcronised)data that identical is in more than one place

    clothing item with a hood

    running around in circles
    wasting time with no final result