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Unit 1: Fake News: Fact and Fiction
Fake News: Fact and Fiction

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Session 8

In Fake News: Fact and Fiction we break down the concepts and language connected with 'fake news'. In this episode, we hear from experts who have also been tricked by things they have seen online. And we find out why we need to learn what to trust on the internet.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

Don't get caught out

Don't get caught out

Have you ever been caught out online? Well, in this episode we hear from experts who have also been tricked by things they have seen on the internet. We also find out why learning what to trust online is one of the most important issues that our global society must address.

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Key vocabulary 

to fall for someone
to fall in love

to fall for something
to believe something that isn't true

to fall for something hook, line and sinker
to believe something completely without any doubts

to be taken in by / to be caught out by
to be tricked into believing something that isn't true 

a delicate task
a difficult job that needs to be done carefully and sensitively

an understanding of other people's feelings and experiences.

To do

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