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Unit 1: Fake News: Fact and Fiction
Fake News: Fact and Fiction

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Session 6

In Fake News: Fact and Fiction we break down the concepts and language connected with 'fake news'. In this episode we look at the topic of critical thinking - possibly one of the most important skills any individual can have.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

How to be a critical thinker

How to be a critical thinker

Being able to critically analyse the things we see and read to distinguish what is real or fake has never been more important! But, how can you be a critical thinker? Find out more!

Watch the video and complete the activity

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Key vocabulary 

the presentation of, for example, negative information in a positive way

to cherry-pick
to use only the details that support your view and ignore other information

a belief that something is good or bad which is not based on evidence

critical thinking
the skill of looking at information objectively, without bias, prejudice or spin

a sceptic /skeptic 
someone who uses logic and evidence  rather than emotion when judging information

gullible (adj)
easily tricked or deceived because you believe uncritically what you see or hear 

media literacy
awareness of the modern media environment and how information and disinformation are spread


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