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Session 35

How important is the sea?

In today’s episode we will be discussing people whether people take the sea seriously enough.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

How important is the sea?

How important is the sea?

In today’s episode we will be discussing people celebrating whether people take the sea seriously enough.

바다는 얼마나 중요한가요?

오늘 에피소드에서는 사람들이 바다의 중요성을 충분히 진지하게 받아들이는지에 대한 이야기를 해보겠습니다.


Listen to the audio and take the quiz.

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안녕하세요? English Together에 오신 것을 환영합니다. 저희 프로그램에서는 최신 주제에 대해 얘기해보고 관련 표현을 알려드리고 있습니다. 저는 손보람 입니다. 오늘은 Phil과 Sam 함께 할게요.

Hi, I’m Phil

And I’m Sam, hello….

오늘은 바다에 대한 이야기를 해보도록 하겠습니다. 문제로 시작해볼게요. National Geographic에 따르면 지구에 있는 물 중에 몇퍼센트가 바다에 해당할까요?
a) 57%
b) 77%
c) 97%
어떻게 생각해요 Phil?

I’m going to go for b) - the sea’s big, but 97% sounds very high.

No, I think 97% sounds about right, so I’ll go for c).

Hmm… but that’s almost all the water in the world… if it was almost all the water I’m sure we’d pay more attention to it.

여러분 대화가 재밌네요. 사실 영국 National Oceanography Centre의 Edward Hill교수가 BBC Radio 4의 Today programme 에서 말한 내용이기도 한데요. 한번 들어볼까요?

News presenter
Professor Edward Hill is on the line, who’s the executive director of the National Oceanography Centre, Morning to you.

Good morning… Firstly, I think it's just important to recognise the many hidden ways in which the sea affects our lives, everything from our weather and climate, which is hugely dominated by the sea, 93% of all excess heat absorbed by the earth is in the ocean somewhere, climate change is really an ocean problem on the long term, right through to the fact that 95% of all our trade comes from the sea, 95% of all our internet traffic is by submarine fibre-optic cable, so there's a whole raft of these things that are unseen.

그러니까 지금 이 교수는 우리가 바다에 대해 깊이 생각하고 있지 않다고 말하고 있는 것 같네요.

The sea’s great. I love to go and lie on a beach, but that’s the only time I really think about it – it’s just a great place for a holiday.

Is that really the only time you think about it?

Yeah and I hope they keep it clean so that I can swim in it!

Were you not listening to the professor just then? The sea is so important for so many other reasons. It moderates the world’s climate.

Moderate 조정하다 라는 뜻입니다. 그러니까 바다가 기후를 조정한다면 우리 생활의 아주 큰 영향을 끼치고 있다는 뜻이기도 하겠네요.

So maybe you should be thinking about the sea every day!

Look, I live in England. I try to ignore the climate as much as I can. That’s why I can’t wait to go on holiday somewhere warm and lie by the sea.

But it’s not just the climate and weather that the sea is important for… think about how many of the things you buy are imports – and most of them come on ships, so the sea is vital to international commerce.

Commerce는 무역입니다. 해상무역은 그중에서도 우리 모두에게 아주 중요한 활동이죠.

Well, if big companies want to commercialise the sea, let them do it – it’s not my problem.

There’s more than that you know…


Well, yes... you’re online a lot… the professor said that most internet traffic goes through undersea cables, so global connectivity depends on the oceans as well.

Connectivity 연결 이라는 뜻입니다. 듣고보니 바다는 정말 중요한 역할을 하는군요.

Maybe you’ve got a point. I should mention I quite like eating fish...

…and they are just one kind of marine wildlife…

Marine 해양이라는 뜻입니다. 그러니까marine wildlife 해양생물이 되겠죠? 해양에서 생활하는 모든 생명체를 말합니다.

Yes, fish are just one kind of marine wildlife. There’s a whole ecosystem under the sea which has to be protected to make sure that we can catch fish to eat.

문제 정답을 알려줄 때가 된 것 같은데요? 지구에 있는 물의 몇퍼센트가 바다인지 물어보는 문제였죠? National Geographic에 따르면 정답은 바로 c) 97퍼센트였습니다.

I told you it was important!

Wow, yes 97% of the world’s water! I can see why marine conservation is so important.

Yes, the oceans moderate our climate, carry much of our trade, provide food and have internet cables pass through them.

자, 이제 시간이 다되어가니 오늘 배운 단어 정리해볼게요. Moderate 조정하다, commerce 무역, connectivity 연결, marine 해양의 , 여기까지였습니다. 오늘도 함께해주셔서 감사합니다. 다음주에도 더욱 많은 표현으로 English together에서 만나요.

Learn more!

1. to moderate (동사)

‘Moderate’ 는 동사이며 무언가를 조종하다는 뜻 입니다.

  • The sea moderates the temperature of the earth.
  • Mobile phones have a system to moderate the amount of noise they make.

‘Moderate’ 는 무언가를 조절한다는 뜻으로도 사용할 수 있습니다.

  • The students had a teacher in the room to moderate their debate.

‘Moderate’ 는 형용사로도 사용합니다. 주로 많지도 않고 적지도 않다는 의미로 사용합니다.

  • I eat a moderate amount of food when I am working.
  • The company wants to offer all workers a moderate pay increase.

2. depends on (구동사)

‘Depend on’ something의 뜻은 무언가로부터 결정된다는 뜻 입니다.

Depend와 on은 꼭 붙어서 사용합니다. 그러므로 무언가를 결정한다는 의미의 목적어는 이 구동사의 뒤에 나타납니다. 

  • I’m not sure if we can go to the beach later; it depends on the rain.
  • I want to go to go to university but it depends on my exam grades.

목적어가 없는 경우엔 전치사 on없이 'depends'만 사용할 수 있습니다.

A: Are you going to go to university?
B: It depends.

3. dominated by

‘Dominate’는 무언가에 힘, 영향력 또는 통제력을 가지고 있다는 것을 의미합니다.

  • The judge dominates what happens in the courtroom.

사람 또는 사물이 무언가로 부터 영향 또는 통제를 받는다고 말할 때에는 dominate의 수동태 형 be dominated by를 사용해서 말할 수 있습니다.

  • The courtroom was dominated by the judge.
  • The football competition was dominated by the red team.

How important is the sea?

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Session Vocabulary

  • dominated by
    무언가로부터 통제를 받다


    undersea cables
    해저 케이블

    depends on
    ~에 달려 있다