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Session 30

ማግባባት/ ማሳመን

In today’s episode we will be discussing how best to persuade other people about our ideas.
በዛሬው መሰናዶ ኃሳባችንን ሌሎችን ሰዎች እንዴት ማሳመን እንደምንችል እንወያያለን።

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    Activity 1

Activity 1


Look at the Session Vocabulary – make sure you know what these words and phrases mean:

  • logic
  • trust
  • credibility


According to one study, which of the following choices could be shown to sales representatives before work to improve their performance?

a) their weekly sales figures
b) what they could spend their bonus on
c) a picture of a successful athlete

Listen to the discussion and find out the answer.

Listen to find the answers. Then check them on the transcript below.

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ሰላም! ስለአንድ ጉዳይ ወደምንወያይበትና ስለጉዳዩ ለማውራት የሚያስፈልገውን ቋንቋ ወደምናቀርብበት የEnglish Together ዝግጅት እንኳን በደህና መጡ። ዘሩባቤል እባላለሁ። አብረውኝ ደግሞ. . .

Hi, I'm Phil.

And I'm Sam, hello. 

የዛሬው መሰናዶ ስለማሳመን ነው። ስለዚህም ስለሽያጭ ባለሞያዎች በሚያወሳ ጥያቄ እንጀምር፥ ስራቸው ማግባባት እና ማሳመን ነውና። Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes የተባለው መፅሄት እንደሚለው የሽያጭ ባለሞያዎችን ስኬታማነት የሚያሻሽለው ከፈረቃቸው በፊት ምንን ማሳየት ነው?

ሀ) ሳምንታዊ የሽያጭ ቁጥራቸውን

ለ) ድጎማቸውን በምን ነገር ላይ ማፍሰስ እንደሚችሉ ወይንስ

ሐ) የስኬታማ አትሌት ምስል

ፊል ምን ይመስልሃል?

I really don't know.

If people see their sales figures, they can work out what they need to do to improve – facts, logic and reason – that's what it's all about.

'logic' አመክንዮን ጠቅሰሃል ሳም፤ በጄይ ሄንሪክስ የሚቀርበውን እና በቢቢሲ ሬዲዮ አራት ላይ የቀረበውን መሰናዶ እናዳምጥ። መሰናዶው አንድን ሰው ስለማሳመን ነው የሚያወራው። አቅራቢው ስለ logic የጠራ አመለካከት ነው ያለው።

Well, the first thing I say, I get straight from Aristotle who, as you know, wrote the book on logic as we know it today. Aristotle himself said that logic is not the most powerful tool of persuasion. Now here I am on a highly logical programme, so forgive me for this, but Aristotle actually said if you can get people to like and trust you, that's the more powerful tool.

ስለዚህም logic  ዓይነተኛው የማሳመኛው መሳሪያ አይደለም፤ ስለዚህ ጉዳይ ምን  ትላለህ ሳም?

Yeah, I'm not convinced – If you make a logical argument, using facts, people will be persuaded.

But we deal with people, not computers – and people sometimes make decisions illogically. We learnt from that interview that people need to have the trust of the other person to be persuasive.

ስለዚህ 'trust' እምነት ማለት ነው። I find people who are kind more trustworthy.  But why do you think it is so persuasive?

OK, think about when you go shopping – do you sit down, compare prices and quality and make a logical decision, or do you go for the shop, or brand that you trust? A shop might be very cheap, but if you are distrustful of the brand, you probably won't buy anything.

I am very trusting of logic. I like to compare all the prices. You can have a look at my spreadsheet if you want?

Yeah, that sounds fun. I use trust when I'm choosing where to shop, and I use trust when I choose who to believe and an important part of that for me, is their credibility.

'Credibility'ተዓማኒነት ማለት ነው፤ ሰዎች ስለሚናገሩት ነገር በትክክል ያውቃሉ ወይ ከሚል የሚነሳ። I think the best way to show that someone is credible is reputation መልካም ስም ማለት ነው።

If I show people when their logic is flawed – I'm sure that will help them see my credibility. I don't think they like it when I do it, though.

Well, that's the other thing that we heard about – Aristotle said it was important to get people to like you. You need to build a relationship. 

I definitely agree ግንኙነትን ለመመስረት 'building a relationship' የምሰጠው ምክር is trust እምነት ማለት ነው።

If you are good at relationship building, and can show people that you are credible and get them to trust you – then you will have a much better chance of persuading them.

Maybe that's where I've been going wrong.

እሽ፤ ቀደም ሲል ሰንዝሬልዎት የነበረውን ጥያቄ ያስታውሳሉ፤ የሽያጭ ሰራተኞችን ምን ማሳየት ስኬታማነታቸውን እንደሚጨምር ማወቅ ነበር የፈለግነው፤ Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes የተበላው መፅሄት እንደሚለው መልሱ ሐ) የስኬታማ አትሌት ምስል ነው።

That doesn't sound very logical!

See, it's not always about logic. These things can be complicated. Have I managed to persuade you yet? Do you trust me?

Hmm, I'm not so sure – have we built a good enough relationship yet, Phil?

ከመሄዳችን በፊት ዛሬ ስንነጋገርባቸው የነበሩትን ቃላት እንመልከት። logic አመክንዮ ማለት ነው፤ trust መተማመን ማለት ነው። credible ተዓማኒ ማለት ሲሆን building a relationship ደግሞ ግንኙነትን መመስረት ማለት ነው። አብራችሁን ስለቆያችሁ እናመሰግናለን፤ ለተጨማሪ የኢንግሊሽ ቱጌዘር መሰናዶዎች በሚቀጥለው ሳምንት ይጠብቁን።

Meaning & Use

logic (noun)

Logic refers to an ordered way of thinking, or decision-making based on facts and reason.
Computers use logic to make decisions.
Mathematics is based on logic.
The detective used logic to solve the crime.

trust (noun)

If someone has trust, they believe that a person or organisation is honest and can be relied upon. Trust can also be used as a verb, which means 'to believe that someone is honest or something is honest and can be relied upon'.
You need to have trust in the people you work with.
I lost all my trust in him, when I found he was lying.
If customers have trust in a business, they use it more often.

credibility (noun)

Credibility is the quality of being convincing, honest and relied upon.
No one believed him because he had no credibility.
She had built up credibility through her years of research in the area.
That report is completely biased, it has no credibility.

build a relationship (verb)

To build a relationship means 'to make a relationship stronger'.
Many successful companies take the time to build a relationship with their clients.
The department tried to build relationships with other parts of the company.
When you start a new job it can be important to build relationships with your new colleagues.


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Session Vocabulary

  • logic
    logic አመክንዮ

    መተማመን/ እምነት


    building a relationship
     ግንኝነት መመስረት

    sales figures
    የሽያጭ ቁጥሮች

    ጥሬ ሃቆች

    make decisions
     ውሳኔን ማሳለፍ

    tool of persuasion
    የማሳመኛ መንገዶች