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Session 40

In today’s episode we are discussing unwanted phone calls and what we can do to avoid them.
Kutaa har’aa keessatti waa’ee bilbilawwan hinbarbaachisneefi ofirraa dhorkuuf maal gochuu akka dandeenyu mari’achuuf jirra.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

Cold callers

In today’s episode we are discussing unwanted phone calls and what we can do to avoid them. 
Kutaa har’aa keessatti waa’ee bilbilawwan hinbarbaachisneefi ofirraa dhorkuuf maal gochuu akka dandeenyu mari’achuuf jirra.


How many unwanted texts and phone calls are sent each year in the UK?

a) 2 million
b) 20 million
c) 2 billion

Listen to the audio and take the quiz.

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Yooyyaa! Gara English Together kan mata duree tibbanaa irratti mari'annuufi qooqa ittiin dubbachuuf si barbaachisu siif qoodnutti baga nagaan dhufte. Ani Caaliidha. Akkasumas Toomiifi Keen na waliin jiru.

Hello everyone! I'm Tom. Welcome to today's episode.

Hi, I'm Kee, welcome to the programme!

So, guys, do you know what makes me really annoyed?

No, what?

Cold callers! They are so annoying!

Cold callers, you mean, people who call trying to sell you things? (Bilbiltoota nama burjaajeessan).

Yeah! It's so annoying when you stop to answer a call and then realise it's a cold call! Do you have them in your country?

Otumaa waa'ee bilbila nama burjaajesu haasofnuu gaafiin har'aa kunooti; Akka kaampanii beenyaa ykn inshuraansii Aviivaatti, UK keessatti dhaamsawwanii bilbilaafi bilbilawwan hinbarbaadamne meeqatti waggaa waggaatti namatti dhufaa?

a) miliyoona 2
b) miliyoona 20
c) biliyoona 2

Deebiisaa gara boodaatti sitti himna.

I think most places have them! I'm always getting calls from people trying to scam me in one way or another!

Ah! 'To scam' jechuun gowwoomsuu. Yes, there are a lot of scammers out there!

I always hang up on them.

'Hang up' jechuun cufuudha. Kanumaan walqabatee, odduu hara'a raadiyoo BBC 4s sagantaa 'Money Box' jedhamurra fudhatame haacaqasnu. Dhiheessaan sagantaa kanaa, dhiibbaa bilbiltoonni nama burjaajeessan kun lammiilee gameeyyii biyyaa U.K. keessatti 'pension' ykn 'soorama' bahan irratti fidan mari'acisaa jira.


'The government has promised it will introduce a ban on cold calling about pensions as quickly as possible. Since pension freedoms began nearly three years ago, the Pensions Administration Standards Association estimates a billion pounds of pension money could have been lost to thieves. But whatever the true figure, these scams typically begin with a cold call.

That's awful! Nuisance callers are annoying, but that report was criminal!

'Nuisance' jechuun kan jeequu jedhuudha! Yes, here in Ethiopia we have a lot of scams from nuisance callers.

And they're defrauding older people, too! These people have worked all their lives to save that money!

'To defraud' jechuun dantaa ofiif jecha waliindhahanii maallaqa fudhachuu jechuudha. Perhaps we could stop these fraudsters by blocking their calls?    

I'm not sure, that seems like a short-term approach to me.

'A short-term approach' tarkaanfii ykn furmaata yeroo gabaabaa. What do you mean?

Well, because, whilst it might address the problem of cold calls, it doesn't address the root of the problem!

'The root of the problem' jechuun rakkina kana fiduurratti sababa gudda isa ta'e jechuudha. So, you're saying that the main problem is the cold callers, the people who are ringing.

Exactly! No cold callers, no cold calls!

What do you think a good long-term approach would be, then?

For me, it seems like we need stronger regulations put in place.

Yes. 'Stronger regulations' jechuun seera ykn qajeelfama daran cicimoo ta'an jechuudha. Stronger regulations could make cold-calling illegal!

But if they call from abroad, what can we do here in England, or here in the UK? How can we regulate in different countries, with different laws? A British policeman couldn't go to India to stop cold-calling!

I agree, but I think regulators here need to do more, too! Sometimes it seems like companies don't care about all these cold calls we're getting!

Let's stop to find out the answer to today's quiz. Deebiinsaa c) dhaamsawwan barreefamaafi bilbila hinbarbaadamne biliyoona 2tu waggaa waggaan UKtti dhufa! 

Goodness! That's so many!

Yeah, what a pain in the neck!

Do you have a pain in your neck from talking on your phone all the time?

No, if something is a pain in the neck, it means 'it's very annoying'.

So I could say 'cold callers are a pain the neck'.

Yeah! And nuisance calls!

And regulations! What a pain in the neck, eh?!

Ha ha! Atoo? Bilbilawwan burjaajessoo 'cold calls', kan nama jeeqan 'nuisance' sitti hindhufuu? 'A blanket ban' uggurra dimshaashaa moo 'stronger regulations' seera ykn qajeelfamna cimaatu jiraachuu qaba jettee yaaddaa? Qooqni har'a barannee kan biroon, 'a short-term approach' tarkaanfii ykn furmaata yeroo gabaabaa 'a pain in the neck' kan nama aarsuu. Maal akka yaaduu sirras dhhagahuu barbaanna.
Turtii waliin qabaanneef galatoomi; barnoota English Together dabalataaf torbee ittaanu walitti deebina. Nagaatti! Bye!


ed/ing adjectives

Several adjectives used in today’s programme appear in two forms, either with –ed or –ing endings. There are differences between the two forms.

Adjectives ending –ed describe how people feel.

I am annoyed because I get a lot of phone calls!
He is tired because he went for a run this morning.

Adjectives ending –ing describes something which causes a feeling.

Nuisance phone calls are so annoying!
(They make us annoyed.)
Running in the morning is very tiring!
(It makes us tired.)

always + [verb] / [verb-ing]

When we use different forms of a verb after ‘always’, it can change the meaning of what we say.

Always + [verb] is neutral. It describes an action that we do frequently.

I always hang up when I don’t know the number.
She always keeps her personal information a secret.

However, always + [verb+ing] is often used when we want to describe something in a negative manner. Often, we use this structure to describe things which are annoying.

People are always calling me late at night!
Why are you always talking on your phone during presentations?

stop + [verb-ing] /  [to + verb]

We use stop + [verb-ing] to say that an activity or event is no longer continuing.

I have stopped answering the phone to unknown numbers.
They have stopped going to the cinema since the prices increased

We use stop + [to+verb] to explain a reason for stopping.

I often stop to buy some food on the way home.
You should stop smoking to improve your health.

Cold callers

3 Questions

Choose the correct answer.
Deebii sirrii ta’e fili.

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Do you get a lot of cold calls which are a nuisance? Do you think there should be a blanket ban or stronger regulations? Tell us on our Facebook group.

Join us for our next episode of English Together when we will learn more useful language and practise your listening skills.
English Together kan qooqa barbaachisoo keessatti barattuufi dandeettii waa caqasuukee ittiin shaakaltutti, sagantaa keenya ittaanuun walitti haadeebinu.

Session Vocabulary

  • cold callers
    bilbiltoota burjaajessoo

    to scam

    hang up


    dantaa ofiif jecha waliindhahanii maallaqa fudhachuu

    a short-term approach
    tarkaanfii yeroo gabaabaa

    the root of the problem
    hundee/sababa rakkinichaa

    stronger regulations
    seera ykn qajeelfama ciccimoo

    a pain in the neck
    kan nama aarsuu