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Session 35

In today's episode we discuss the effects caused by millions of new internet users in developing economies.
Kutaa har’aa keessatti fayyaddamtooota intarneetii haaraa miliyoonotaan lakkaa'aman dinagdee guddachaa jirurratti jijiraama maalii akka fidan mari'anna.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

Good morning India!

Look at the Session Vocabulary – make sure you know what these words and phrases mean:

  • millennial
  • tech-savvy
  • a daily basis
  • clog up


According to Morgan Stanley research and official figures from the United Nations, approximately what percentage of India's population is millennial (between the ages of 18 and 34) in 2018?

a) 11%
b) 22%
c) 33%

Listen to the audio and take the quiz.

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Yooyyaa! Gara English Together kan mata duree tibbanaa irratti mari'annuufi qooqa ittiin dubbachuuf si barbaachisu siif qoodnutti baga nagaan dhufte. Ani Caaliidha. Akkasumas Toomiifi Saam nagaa si gaafatu.

Hi everyone, I'm Tom. Welcome to today's episode of English Together!

Hi and I'm Sam! Welcome!

Oh Tom! I like your new phone!

Well, you know how much we millennials love our phones!

'Millennials'? Jecha kana dhagaheera! Dargaggoota waa'ee teeknooloojii beekan jechuudha, siriidha mitii?

Kind of. It's used quite widely. Typically, in the UK, a millennial is a young adult below the age of 34.

Gaariidha, egaa kun qajeeltootti gara gaafii har'aatti nu geessa.

Akka qorannoo Morgan Stanlii fi angaawwoonni Mootummoota Gamtoomanii eeranitti, bara 2018tti ummata Hindii keessaa tilmaamaan dargaggoota  umurii 18-34 jiran dhibbanta meeqatu waa'ee teeknooloojii beekuu?

a)    %11

b)    %22    

c)    %33

Are millennials in your country tech-savvy, like they are here in the UK?

Definitely! 'Tech-savvy' jechuun komputeera ykn teknooloojiirratti hubannoo ga'aa kan qaban jechuudha.

Yeah, I actually heard that the amount of people embracing the internet in India is causing a few problems. Let's listen to today’s news story from BBC Radio 4's Sunday Programme. What's the main problem that the speakers describe?

Surely 'good morning' should not cause the internet to crash?

When you can have up to 200 million Indians who wake up every morning at around 8 o'clock Indian time and they feel that they need to tell everybody that they know the word 'good morning', they want to use applications like WhatsApp and just send those messages out there! So that is what's beginning to slow the internet down here, it's clogging up phones and the real fear is, I think, that as we have more and more Indians that is, actually, that could slow it down globally as well.

So, the main problem is that too many people are using the internet on a daily basis. It's clogging up their phones and slowing down the internet!

It's true! 'Clog up' jechuun dhiphisuu ykn hudhuu. 'Slow down' jechuun harkisu – safisni internetii akka harkifatu gochuu. 

You could say that they're really switched on!

Yes! 'Switched-on' jechuun ‘ibsu’ yookaan akka hojjetuuf 'banu' jechuudha. Meeshaan elektirikaa akka tajaajila barbaadaannu sana kennuuf 'switch on' goona.

It must be annoying though, when the whole internet is slowed down by this big influx of new users.

Yes! 'Influx' jechuun hedduminaan itti galuu ykn seenuu. 

So, you have a huge number of users, but the infrastructure can't cope!

Yes, there are huge amounts of people who use and work with technology. So many, in fact, that many companies aren't able to keep up with current needs!

And speaking of large numbers of people, it's time to give you the answer to today's quiz.

That's right! ummata Hindii tilmaamaan dargaggoota umurii 18-34 jiran keessaa  dhibbanta meeqatu waa’ee teeknooloojii beekuu? kan jedhu si gaafanne turre, deebiinsaa c) %33 dha.   

Wow! That's a huge number of young people who are going to be growing up with technology!


Yes, imagine how much technology will pervade India soon.

'To pervade' jechuun babal’achuu.  But it's not just technology that's pervasive here, it's the new opportunities that technology brings, like online shopping, ride sharing apps…

Hmm… yes. Technology does seem to have a pervasive influence on all of us. It's hard to escape from technology and modern ideas.

Ah Sam, I think you got a message!

It says 'good morning'. Hey! Who sent that!

I don't know. Who could it be?

Oh, Tom…

Hahaha! Dhaamsi Toom interneetiin akka harkifatu 'slow down' ykn akka bilbila Saam dhiphatu 'clog up' hingodhu jenne abdanna! Atihoo maal yaadda? Ati wantaawwan haaraa fi  hamayyaa nama fayyadamuu jaalatuu 'switched-on person? Dha; Interneetii guyyuun on 'daily basis' ni fayyadamtaa? Nama jireenyakee keessatti tekinoolojii babal’inaan fayyadamuudha?  Jechoonni biroo barannee turree 'millennial' namoota umuriin dargaggoofi waa’ee teeknooloojii beekan, 'influx'  hedduminaan itti galuu ykn seenuu, akkasumas 'tech-savvy' namoota kompitara ykn teknooloojiirratti hubannoo ga’aa qaban jechuudha.

Turtii waliin qabaanneef galatoomi; barnoota dabalataa English Together n torban ittaanu walitti deebina. Nagaatti!

Meaning & Use

slow (something) down (phrasal verb)

This phrasal verb means 'to become slower' or 'to make someone or something become slower'.

  • Too many people in India are sending messages online – it's slowing down the internet!
  • I've just got too much to do at the moment – appointments, travelling. I really need to slow down.
  • Antibiotics will slow down the inflammation and help you feel better.

clog (verb)

The verb clog means 'to become blocked or full up’. As a result, it makes movement difficult. It can be used for physical blockages, like something blocking water pipes or traffic blocking the road.

  • It took ages to get here because the roads were clogged with traffic.
  • If you eat too much fatty food, it might clog your arteries.

switched on (adjective)

If you're somebody who is switched on, you are aware of up-to-date trends and ideas. When it comes before a noun we use a hyphen.

  • You always know about the latest technology – you're so switched on!
  • It seems there are more and more switched-on millennials.

A related phrasal verb is switch on. We use this most often with mechanical or technical objects. It means 'make something start working'. The opposite is switch off, which means 'make something stop working'.

  • Switch on the lights! I can't see a thing!
  • Please switch off your mobile phone before the performance.

pervade (verb)

When something pervades a place or thing, it spreads throughout it and is present in every part.

  • Imagine how much technology will pervade India soon.
  • Hope and humour are themes that pervade his poetry.
  • A horrid smell pervaded the air. The food must have gone off!

The related adjective is pervasive.

  • Technology does seem to have a pervasive influence on all of us.


Check what you’ve learned by choosing the correct answer to the question.

Gaafichaaf deebii sirrii ta’e filuudhaan waan hanga ammaatti baratte mirkaneeffadhu.

Good morning India!

4 Questions

Choose the correct answer.
Deebii sirrii ta’e fili.

Congratulations you completed the Quiz
Excellent! Great job! Bad luck! You scored:
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Over to you!

Do you think technology is having a big impact in your country? Does the internet pervade your life? Do you get annoyed when the internet gets clogged up? Tell us in our Facebook group!

Join us for our next episode of English Together, when we will learn more useful language and practise your listening skills.
‘Engilish Together’ kan qooqa barbaachisoo keessatti barattuufi dandeettii waa caqasuukee ittiin shaakaltutti, sagantaa keenya ittaanuun walitti haadeebinu

Session Vocabulary

  • millennial 
    Dargaggoota  (umrii 18 hanga34) waa’ee teeknooloojii beekan 

    namoota teknooloojiirratti hubannoo ga’aa qabani

    a daily basis 
    guyyaa guyyaadhaan

    clog up

    slow down 

    switch on 

    yaada haaraa simachuu

    hedduminaan itti galuu ykn seenuu