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Session 18

Listen to find out how to use an everyday English expression.
Jechoota Afaan Ingilizii guyyuu of ibsuuf nu fayyadu akkaataa itti fayyadamnu hubachuuf caqasi.

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

A sticky situation

Look at the Session Vocabulary – make sure you know what these words mean:

  • lend
  • damage
  • bakery
  • cake

Listen to Rob and Feifei explaining the expression 'a sticky situation'. As you listen, answer these questions:

1. Why does Rob need £10?

2. Whose birthday is it?

Listen to find out the answers. Then check them on the transcript below.

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Yooyyaa! Qophii jechoota Afaan Inglizii keessatti of ibsuuf si fayyadan English Expressions akkasumas kan haaraa ta’an akka bartuu si gargaarrutti baga nagana dhufte.
Har’a, akkaata ibsannoowwan Afaan Ingilizii ‘A sticky situation’ haala keessaa bahuun rakkisaa ta’e jehdu ilaalla. Hiiknisaa maal sitti fakkaata…? Hinbarree? Tole, caqasi.
Roobiifi Feffee caqasi. Feffeen istuudiyoo keessa jirti; Rob garuu wayita inni gara hojii deemutti halli keessa bahuun rakkisaa ta’e ‘a sticky situation’ itti uumamee jira - maaltu ta’e? Haala gaariimoo gadhee ture? Maaliif £10 barbaada?

<Door opens>
Oh, hi Feifei… you couldn't lend me £10, could you?

Rob! You're supposed to be presenting this programme. Anyway, what do you need £10 for? And what's that stuff all over your clothes?

Well, I was running to get to the studio and I bumped into a woman.

Right… So, what do you need £10 for?

Well, you see, she dropped a big box she was carrying and said I would have to pay for the damage – and if I didn't, her daughter would be really upset!

Rob dubartii istuudiyoo isaa alatti argamtu tokko waliin walitti bu’e ‘bumped into’. Kanaafuu gatii meeshaa manca’ee baasuuf ‘pay for the damage’ qaba. Wanti Feffeen £10 akka leqeessituuf barbaadeefis kanuma. Waan Feffeen goote hubachuuf caqasi.

Oh! Rob, you are in 'a sticky situation'.

A sticky situation? Yes, that's true. You mean I'm in a situation that is difficult to get out of?

Exactly! Rob, here's £10 - now you can go and un-stick the situation!

Thanks, Feifei.

Feffeen Roobiif £10 leqeessiteefi jirti. Kanaaf haala ‘sticky situation’ keessaa bahuu ni danda’a jechuudha.
‘Sticky’ jechuun kan keessa bahuu hindandeenye jechuu yoo ta’u ‘situation’ jechuun haala. ‘A sticky situation’ haala ulfaataafi akka salphaatti keessaa bahuufi furmaata itti laachu hindanda’amneedha. ‘A situation’ haalichi ‘sticky’ kan keessa hinbahamne ta’uun sababiinsaa ‘stuck’ keessatti qabamtee waan jirtuufi - keessaa bahuun salphaa miti kan jedhamu. Gara Roobitti yoo deebinu, haala keessa bahu hindandeenyeen kan keessa ‘sticky situation’ bahuuf maalaqa kafaluutu irra ture. Haa ta’u malee furmaata fiduuf yeroo hundaa maalaqa kaffaluun namarra hinjiru; dhiifama gaafachuu ta’uus ni mala. Kunis ofiis ta’e namoota biroon akka si gargaaran gochuun nama sanatti haasa’dha. ‘Sticky situations’ tokkoo tokko keessaa bahuf yeroo inni itti dadhabamuu maluus ni jira
Ibsannoon kun yeroo heddu gochama ‘to be’ waliin fayyadamuun ‘It is a sticky situation’ yookaan ‘to be in’ waliin ta’uun ‘He is in a sticky situation’ jedhu fida. Jechamoota akka ‘get into’ fi ‘get out of’ jedhamanii waliinis fayyadamu ni dandeessa.
Fakkeenyawwan gaalee kanaa muraasa dabalataan haacaqasnu…..

I’m in a sticky situation – I've got to catch the train to be at work for a meeting but I lost my wallet. To get out of the situation I need someone to lend me enough money for the train.

It was a sticky situation – both drivers said it was the other’s fault and neither side would agree on who had caused the accident.

Sarah has got into a sticky situation: she said she'd go to the cinema with Pete but she’s also promised to go for a drink with John. She doesn’t want to disappoint either of them but she has to choose one.

So a sticky situation is a difficult, awkward or sensitive situation.
<Door opens again>
Ah, Rob, you're back…

…yes. She's happy now and is going back to the bakery again.

The bakery? Why? What was in the box she was carrying?

It was a big birthday cake for her daughter.

Oh no - you were in a sticky situation in more ways than one!

Ah, I suppose I was.

Roob torban ittaanuttis haala walfakkaatuun ‘sticky situations’ keessa akka hingalle nan abdadha. Takkaa ‘sticky situation’ keessa galtee beektaa? Maaltu sirra gahe? Akkamiin sirra gahe? Akkamiin furmaata argateef? Barnoota dabalataa English Expressions yeroo ittaanutti walitti deebina. Nagaatti!



1) Rob needs to give £10 to the woman he bumped into because he damaged the cake she was carrying.

2) It is the woman's daughter's birthday. That is why the woman was carrying a cake.

How do I use it?

'A sticky situation' is used to describe a situation that is difficult, awkward or sensitive and is hard to resolve. This expression is often used with the verb ‘to be’ when describing the situation itself.

The company is closing many of its stores, so lots of its employees are losing their jobs. It’s a sticky situation.

When talking about who the situation affects, we use ‘to be in’. 

Sally realised her colleague Mark was lying. She didn't know if she should tell her boss because she really liked Mark and didn't want him to lose his job. She was in a sticky situation.

You can also use the verbs ‘get into’ to talk about how you started being in that situation, and ‘get out of’ to describe how you stopped being in that situation.

I got into a sticky situation with my dad when I took some money from his wallet without asking him. He was furious when he found out! I got out of it by paying him back - with interest!

A sticky situation

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Have you ever been in 'a sticky situation'? How did you get into the situation? How did you get out of it? Come and tell us on our Facebook group.

Join us for our next episode of English Expressions, when we will learn more useful language and practise your listening skills.
Barnoota English Expressions ittaanu kan dandeettii caqasuukee ittiin shaakaltuufi qooqa barbaachisoo barannutti walitti deebina.

Session Vocabulary

  • lend





    kan miira tuqu

    mana daabboo