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Unit 2: English In A Minute
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Session 58

Tom explains 4 ways to use 'like' in this English In A Minute.

Activity 1

4 ways to use 'like'

Have you ever wanted to know some different uses of the word 'like'? Learn 4 of them with Tom in this English In A Minute.

Watch the video and complete the activity

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Let's look at some different ways to use like in British English.

We can use like as an active verb which means 'to feel positive about'.

I like my dad - he's great.

We can also use to be like. This means the same as 'similar'.

I am like my dad because we both have brown hair.

Like can also mean 'such as'.

My dad enjoys many sports, like football.

Finally, we can use the expression like, like to say that two family members are the same.

Like mother, like daughter or like father, like son.


4 ways to use 'like'

1. Like can be used as an active verb to mean 'to feel positive about'.

  • I really like going camping. I love nature.
  • He likes learning new things. He's so inquisitive.

2. Be like can be used a to mean 'similar'.

  • She is so like her friend. They both speak in the same way.
  • They are like each other. They look like twins.

3. Like can also be used to mean 'such as' or to give an example.

  • I love all types of scary films, like ones with monsters in them.
  • He loves playing horror games, like the video game I saw him playing yesterday was really scary. 

4. The expression like, like can be used to say that two family members are the same.

  • Sarah does the flick with her hair as her mother. Like mother, like daughter 
  • Your father said the same thing to me. Like father, like son.


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