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Session 4

Thomas, it's packing… I'll send him packing… Not packaged. You're not putting him in a box or parcel!

በዚህ ክፍል ያሉ ክፍለ ጊዜያት

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Is someone really annoying you?! Want to 'send them packing' quickly?

To do

Here are some useful phrases to show someone the door - they are all ways to say: go away now!

Listen to the audio and repeat each phrase after you hear it. Remember to sound annoyed - you want to get rid of them… and you don’t want them to come back any time soon!

ድምፁን ያድምጡና ክንውኑን ይፈፅሙ

ፅሁፍ አሳይ ፅሁፍ ደብቅ

Get out of my sight!

Get lost!

Sling your hook!

On your bike!

To do

Here’s a quick quiz to help you remember the phrases!

Go away!!

4 Questions

Match the beginning and ending of each phrase. They all mean: go away now!

እንኳን ደስ ያለዎ ሙከራውን አጠናቀዋል
Excellent! Great job! መጥፎ እድል ነጥብ አስመዝግበዋል :
x / y

Go away!!

4 Questions

Match the beginning and ending of each phrase. They all mean: go away now!

እንኳን ደስ ያለዎ ሙከራውን አጠናቀዋል
Excellent! Great job! መጥፎ እድል ነጥብ አስመዝግበዋል :
x / y

Well done if you remembered all the phrases correctly! You can now send someone packing in style!

Before you leave us - here are two extra popular phrases to send someone on their way – quickly! Remember to sound annoyed when you use them!

  • Do one!
  • Jog on!

Over to you

Can you tell us about a time when you had to send a person - or people - packing!

  • Who did you send packing?
  • Why?
  • How did you make them go away?

Use a form of the phrase I'll send him packing in your story and try to use some of the other phrases from this session too. Email your story to us at learning.english@bbc.co.uk. Make sure you write I'll send him packing in the subject line. 

Unfortunately we can't give individual feedback, but we do read every email, and we’ll publish our favourites here or on our social media sites.



Here are some of your stories...


Rashad, Egypt

I just want to say since I joined you,BBC,I've sent my English teacher Packing.


Lineda from France

I can’t bear nuisance telephone calls any more.

I get them every other week on my mobile phone.

Usually I have patience when theses companies try to sell me something

that I don’t want.

But last month I lost my temper and I sent them packing.

They went too far.


Welton, Brazil

Who did you send packing?

My flatmate when we were university students


Because of his bad behaviour and inconvinience

How did you make them go away?

Initially when he asked if he could share a flat with me I was in doubt whether I should do that or not. Despite my reluctance in accept he live with me finally I decided agree with his request. I thought he could has a chance. What a regret! My friends told me I would regret and I had had ignored his advices. Then I saw I was totally wrong. It is impossible live with him. Before him my room was tidy and neat, after his arrived it was in an absolute mess. I couldn't study properly because I wasted my time trying to organizing my room. Finally I concluded he must go away, but how can I do that without offending him? Initially I told him to sling his hook but he didn't understand my message. In another day I suggested him that he must get lost. He told me he has a map and never got lost. Then I told he must get out of  my sight showing him the door. Finally he understood my message that he is not well seen by the people because of his bad behaviour. That way I sent him packing from my flat.



Once I was leading a team through a difficult project. We had short time and worked really hard and every head and pair of hands were on account. But one of us wasn't reliable, he didn't finish any task on time. So, finally, I made a hard decision and sent him packing. I cut my team but we got rid a person who let us down.



Sometime back two years ago i got a facebook friend a law student whom i would chat with every evening daily.

She has a very fluent English .

Then after sometime she got a sponsor for further studies to another country.

Then time changed, rule changed and also our chatting was sent packing.

Whenever i facebooked her it was a disturbance to her studies programme.

Finally she decided to sent me packing.

 Ia   Tabagari, Georgia 

               When  my  classmates  needed   help  I  used  to  be  there  for  them ,such  as   helping   them  with  their homework ,  giving  a  piece of advice. But  the  fact  is  that everything  is  not  so  as  it  is  expected. One  of  them , who  got  good   grades ,  said   in  public  that  it  was  just   because  her  neighbor   helped  her .She wanted  me  to  get  out  of  her  sight .How  weird !  It was  enough  for  me  to  see  red  and  when  this  one  appeared  out  of  the  blue  …. I  show  her  the  door . ’’ On your  bike ! “, I   shouted  and  sent   her  on  her  way . This  is  how  she  was  sent  packing  by   me.

              At   last,   ingratitude  is  so  unbearable. I  used  to  get  rid  of  that  kind  of  person . But  on the  other  hand , just   these  people  make  our  world  much  more  colourful.  So   that  you can  say : such  strange  bedfellows !


End of session

That’s all for now. We hope you had fun and learnt some new phrases. We're not going to send you packing thoughso please join us again soon to learn more about William Shakespeare's life and work - and to discover another useful English expression with #ShakespeareSpeaks.

In the meantime, watch more Shakespeare Speaks episodes and go to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube pages for more fun with English!

Session Vocabulary

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    For teachers:
    Lesson plan and worksheets for I'll send him packing
    Eight Vocabulary Activities for the classroom


    I'll send him packing

    The phrase I'll send him packing was in common use in Shakespeare's day. It means the same today as it did back then: I really don't want this person around me, so I'll send them away.  

    Example sentence
    I've no patience when people try to sell me things at the door. I usually send them packing.

    It's also used in sport, to talk about beating an opponent.

    Example sentence
    This is our chance to do it and we should send them packing with their tails between their legs.


    Extra vocabulary

    practise a play or piece of music for later public performance.

    Ways to say: 'send someone packing'

    get rid of someone
    show someone the door 
    send someone on their way

    Ways to say: 'go away':

    get out of my sight!
    get lost!
    sling your hook!
    on your bike!
    jog on!
    do one!


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