Unit 4: English My Way Radio – Somali
Marwa and Leyla speak Somali but Marwa has started English My Way. Listen to their English language adventures in this new series. You'll learn words and phrases to help you in your everyday life

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Session 3

Marwa and Leyla are at the train station trying to get home. Suddenly there is an announcement that the train times have changed, but it was too fast to understand. What should they do? What should they say? Listen and find out.

በዚህ ክፍል ያሉ ክፍለ ጊዜያት

ክፍለጊዜያት 3 ነጥብ።

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    Activity 1

Activity 1

Train station

Taking the train

Marwa and Leyla don't know which train to take. Will they ever get home? Listen and find out.

ድምፁን ያድምጡ


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For information in Somali about English My Way, call 0800 093 1444


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