Rest in peace (Danish)

How not to upset your new mother-in-law: After my first visit to Denmark to meet my future in-laws, I thought it would be nice to write a simple card to my partner's mother, who had been a wonderful host, to say 'Thanks for everything'. So I wrote a card that translated 'thanks for everything' directly into Danish: Tak for Alt. Little was I to know that in Denmark Tak for Alt is an expression that you only ever engrave on gravestones as an equivelent to 'Rest In Peace'!

Sent by: Daniel


Anne Katrine Kamper 2008-02-20

Haha, yes, I'm a Dane and I did this once in a yearbook we did for our elemetary teacher ... A fellow student pointed it out too late ... To this very day I don't know how she took it that I'd unintentionally written her off as dead.

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Kim Laugesen 2005-11-03

Hehe I am Danish and yes indeed that is what it means :P Very funny.

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