The Spanish language

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A Guide to Spanish

Facts, essential phrases plus the Spanish alphabet


Learn Spanish on Facebook


Practise and share tips with other learners on the BBC Learn Spanish Facebook page


School Spanish


Primary Spanish and GCSE Spanish Bitesize revision


For Welsh speakers
El Impostor
Interactive cartoon and games


Spanish for children


Football Spanish


Watch Gary Lineker introducing Match of the Day in Spanish and play Count the Coloccinis


Test your Spanish

Test your Spanish

Spanish test

Are you a complete beginner, quite fluent or somewhere in between?


BBC free lessons and courses online

A scene from Mi Vida Loca

Online lessons with audio, games, vocabulary, grammar explanations and exercises

For beginners

*Mi Vida Loca Interactive learning video drama. Complete in 12 weeks

Talk Spanish, online video tutorials

Beyond beginners


Crosswords with audio
Expand your Spanish vocabulary


Spanish news, TV & radio

BBC Mundo
BBC news in Spanish

Spanish TV and Spanish news online
How to watch in the UK

Public broadcasters

TVE a la carta
Spain's iPlayer from RTVE

TV Pública, Argentina

Bolivia tv, RTP Bolivia, Red ATB

TVN, Chile

Señal Colombia

Teletica, Costa Rica

Televisión Cubana and its iPlayer: teveo

República Dominicana TV

rtv ge int, Guinea Ecuatorial

Congreso TV, Honduras

Ecuador TV

Once TV México

Viva Nicaragua Canal 13

TVN Panamá

TV Pública Paraguay


TNU, Uruguay

Venezolana de Televisión


Spanish classes and courses

Find a Spanish class close to you


Spanish phrases

Beach © Les Sanders,

Holiday phrases

Listen, read, print out and download


Spanish slang

Guide to streetwise Spanish


Spanish vocabulary

Dictionary Spanish ©Priganica,

Word lists with audio from free course Mi Vida Loca


Spanish grammar

Grammar lessons from free course Mi Vida Loca


Spanish pronunciation

How to pronounce Spanish with audio examples from Mi Vida Loca episodes one and two


Spanish resources for teachers

Mi Vida Loca tutor guide
Languages Ladder: Breakthrough Level
Common European Framework: Level A1


Windsurfing in Spain


Watch Olympic windsurfer Bryony Shaw train in Spain and try a related quiz

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