A Guide to Greek: Greek key phrases

Greek key phrases

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  • English/Transliteration
  • Hello [Ya sou]
    Γεια σou
  • Goodbye [Ya / Adeeo]
    Γεια / Avτio
  • Please - [Parakalo]
  • Thank you - [Efkharisto]
  • You're welcome - [Parakalo]
  • Yes - [Neh]
  • No - [Okhee]
  • How are you? - [Tee kanis?]
    Tι κάvεις;
  • I'm fine, thank you - [Eemay kala, efkharisto]
    Είµαι καλά, ευχαριστώ
  • I'm not well - [Then eemay kala]
    Δεv είμαι καλά
  • Do you speak English? - [Milas anglika?]
    Μιλάς αγγλικά;
  • Pleased to meet you - [Khaero poly]
    Xαίρω πoλύ
  • I need help, please - [Khreeazome voeetheea, parakalo]
    Xρειάζομαι βoήθεια παpακαλώ
  • I'm sorry - [Xeetao syghnome]
    Ζητάω συγvώµη
  • My name is ... - [To onoma mou eemay…]
    To όvoµά µoυ είναι...
  • I don't understand - [Then katalavaeno]
    Δεν καταλαβαίνω
  • See you later - [Tha ta poume!]
    Θα τα πoύµε!
  • Hi - [Ya!]
  • Bye! - [Ya!]
  • Great! - [Phantastika]
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