Stand-up comedian, Henning Wehn, takes a humorous look at the German language in ten short videos.

Stand-up comedian Henning Wehn

The Alphabet

In his first mission, Henning takes over a German beginners' class to teach them the basics: the alphabet. German just wouldn't be the same without the ß and the umlauts: ä, ö and ü.

Henning Wehn

Telling the Time

Henning has a word of warning for those who don't arrive on time in Germany.

Henning Wehn

Gender Bender

In German, it's not the size that matters - it's the grammatical gender of a word.

Henning Wehn

Long and Winding Words

German is full of them and, according to Henning, understanding them is child's play.

Henning Wehn

How to be Polite

Germans can be very polite. They just have different ways of expressing it.

Henning Wehn

False Friends

In this clip, Henning reveals the deeper meaning of the German word Rathaus amongst others.

Henning Wehn

Loan Words

Henning helps the suffering British economy with a German loan word.

Henning Wehn

Waiting for the Verb

The German sentence structure is brought to life with a bit of footie.

Henning Wehn


Henning explains English words in German to unsuspecting members of the public.

Henning Wehn


Vorsprung durch Slapstick. Germans will always laugh at the old cake trick.


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