Teaching and learning French

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An overview of all of the French courses on this website, including level and syllabus



A one-stop shop to help you find material by topic: from eating out to dating; accommodation to adventure sports



Looking for inspiration for teaching verbs or adjectives? Find it in this guide to grammar resources and activities


French TV and Radio

On Learning Zone Broadband

Telling Tales (French)

A collection of animated children's tales in both French and English

On the iPlayer

From Our Own Correspondent

Includes a report on what it means to be French

From the radio archive

In Our Time: Jean-Paul Sartre

Melvyn Bragg discusses the French novelist, playwright & philosopher


Your Say

Worms © Fotolia XIII - Fotolia.com

Worms for dinner?

A wriggly word left one of you lost for words

Don't try this abroad!

Don't try this abroad!

Ever felt flustered in France? Watch this and other funny tales

More of your tips and stories

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