French news, TV & radio

Radio France Internationale
Includes audio news with transcripts in simple French

BBC Afrique
News in French for French-speaking Africa

TV5: Apprendre.TV
French-learning website in French from the Francophone global TV channel

French TV and French news online
How to watch in the UK

Déjà Vu
Radio play about a bilingual love affair

French Connection
Interviews about French across the world

La Vie en Creuse
Audio interviews in rural France


Rugby French


Watch Jonny Wilkinson training in French, try a quiz and pick up rugby terms in French

  • Reportages: by topic/by language focus

    This section of BBC Languages is no longer available.

    For French topical articles and TV, please use the links on the left.


Test your French

Test your French

French test

Are you a complete beginner, quite fluent or somewhere in between?


French classes and courses

Find a French class close to you


French phrases


Holiday phrases

Listen, read, print out and download


French slang

Guide to streetwise French

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