The Chinese language

Guide to Chinese

A Guide to Chinese

Facts, essential phrases plus the Chinese alphabet

Chinese mini-guides
Learn about different aspects of the language


Chinese for children

The Lingo Show
From CBeebies


School Chinese

Schoolgirl doing her homework © mamahoohooba -

Primary Mandarin
Vocabulary, games and songs


BBC free lessons and courses online

Chinese couple

Mandarin Chinese for beginners

Real Chinese
Online video lessons with audio, games, vocabulary, grammar explanations and exercises


Chinese news, TV & radio

BBC 中文网
BBC World Service news in Mandarin Chinese

China Central Television (CCTV)
Live TV streams from China’s state broadcaster


Chinese pronunciation

Learn how to pronounce Chinese


Tone game

Printable guide


Writing Chinese characters

Hand holding Chinese brush pen writing Chinese characters © zhudifeng -

Learn to write Chinese characters


Chinese classes and courses

Find a Chinese class close to you

CCTV Learn Chinese
China Central Television’s online courses


Chinese phrases

this way in © Rosemary Robenn

Holiday phrases

Listen, read, print out and download

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