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28 October 2014

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The ghost of Peg O'Nell
Peg O'Nell's statue
Peg O'Nell's statue by the River Ribble

Alan Pickover met up with a hooded figure after midnight... could it have been the ghost of Peg O'Nell?

Peg O'Nell
Waddow Hall
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Peg o’Nell’s ghost is said to haunt the banks of the river near Clitheroe. The legend says she was a servant at Waddow Hall in the 18th century - maybe earlier. Nobody is sure how she died, but the favourite theory is that she had a row with her employer - who sent her out to fetch water with the parting words: "… and I hope you break your neck". She was never seen again.

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quoteI have always been sceptical of the supernatural, however events last night have made me change my opinions vastly.

I work as a shift manager at Castle Cement, Clitheroe and last night saw something that I cannot explain.

Part of my duties involve a drive into the surrounding countryside every 12 hours to monitor the plume from our chimney stacks.

On this occasion, the drive took me to Waddow Hall at Waddington, where I parked the van and got out to watch the plume. The time was somewhere just after midnight, so obviously it was relatively dark and there was a chill in the air.

It was then I became aware of a presence, that started out as a shadow, but as my eyes became accustomed to the gloom I could make out a hooded figure that appeared to be making it's way towards me. As it moved, it seemed to glide, and as it approached it became obvious that it was much bigger than myself, and appeared rather sinister. At this point I retreated to the van and drove off back to the works - I am not ashamed to say that I was absolutely terrified.

On raising this with my colleagues, a number of them told me that it must have been Peg O'Nell, a ghost out of local folklore. Whatever it was, it has changed my perception of how I view the supernatural forever, and means that I will be very wary the next time I venture into that area again at night.quote

Alan Pickover

Kathryn Smith added this...
Iused to work at Waddow Hall and have felt something (not sure what) on the top floor. Then I heard the tale of Peg O'Nell and was convinced what I was feeling was her. There was always one room I would never go into on my own and after seeing most haunted live at waddow hall I found out that the room i didnt like was hers. I found it all very spooky but would still love to go back to work there again.

Powerstan added this...
I go to Waddow Hall every year and this year will be the seventh. We always go down to the river but we miss out going on the seventh year. Apparently she haunts one of the rooms in Waddow Hall. That room is the one where she used to sleep and that is the one where me and my parents stay - ahhhhh!

Lyn Cousins added this...
My school which was called Page Moss Primary, went to Waddow Hall each year for a trip from school. I remember my head teacher Mr Hunter telling us the tale of peg onell, we were all really scared but loved the tales that were told. We didn't stay in the big house but in the dormitory next door which made this even more fun. I would love to go back and see everything again, I only wish in those days we took more pictures. I must have been about 10, where do all those years go? (I am now 39).

Ian Wilson added this...
Searching the microfilms in Clitheroe library a few years ago, my friend and I came across an incident involving some accident or drowning on the River Ribble, near Brungerley bridge (this is the bridge that is allegedly cursed). Knowing of the curse, we checked other microfilms of the local news exactly 7 years before and 7 years after the edition of the Clitheroe Advertiser & Times containing the incident. To our amazement, exactly 7 years before, to the nearest edition of the newspaper (which comes out every Thursday) there was a story of an old horse and cart crashing on Brungerley Bridge!! Could this be the curse?? I cannot remember the year exactly (it was late 1800's or early 1900's), but the evidence will still be in Clitheroe Library.

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