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13 November 2014

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Inside Lancashire Sport

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Stephen Rowlings

Pot and shoot!

Preston supercoach Stephen Rowlings has launched his own coaching DVD so players don't miss a trick.

Rowlings - who plays on the professional snooker tour - has produced 'Complete Snooker' to improve the potting potential of players of all standards.

Rowlings has had plenty of experience of coaching both as a student and a teacher. He received lessons when he was a junior from Blackpool's Frank Callan - who coached Steve Davis and Stephen Hendry. He then hooked up with Ian McCulloch's coach Mick Caddy at Potters in Great Harwood.

He worked extensively with the Caddy and McCulloch camp and admits they helped transform his game...aiding him to compile four maximums and turn pro.

He was working part time in a bar to supplement his pro tour fees when sports psychologist Graeme Slater encouraged Rowlings to take up coaching.

Three hundred students later and he is now taking a shot at bringing snooker coaching up to date.

Rowlings explained: "One of the reasons I produced the DVD is because there's very few books and coaching materials available. Snooker is being left behind if you compare it to sports like football and golf - because the stuff available is very limited and it tends to be very dated."

He added: "Complete Snooker is also perfect for players who want to improve their game who don't have the time or money to see a coach regularly."


We put supercoach Stephen Rowlings on the spot...with some quick fire questions:

Coaching or playing?

I get more out of a buzz as a player but I really love helping players improve. I do more coaching than competing these days, though.

You’ve worked with the north west top coaches – Mick Caddy and Frank Callan. How do they compare as coaches?

They have completely different styles. Frank is a cueing expert whereas Mick is fantastic at shot selection and break building. I spent five years with Mick and he is inspirational. He doesn't like being in the limelight and as happy coaching youngsters just starting out as he is coaching top players. I learnt so much from him - and from Ian McCulloch.

How important is it to get your fundamentals right?

It's massive! They are the foundations which you build your whole game on. Like a house - if the foundations aren't right it'll fall down.

What do you find players struggle the most with?


What have you struggled with the most?

Nerves and the psychology. I suffered from nerves badly when I was a junior.

What would you do with a natural player like say Joe Swail who was a great player but who had unorthodox technique?

I am always careful not to tamper with a player's natural game. I would only change someone's technique if it was causing problems with their game.

Most talented player?

Ronnie O'Sullivan. He's brilliant to watch but suffers from his own demons.

Player you would most like to coach?

Ronnie O'Sullivan, Stephen Hendry or John Higgins.

People who have inspired you?

Stephen Hendry and Ian McCulloch.

Top tips?

Enjoy yourself, learn from every mistake and be open to new shots and ideas. Also, play someone better than you so you can learn off them.

What's next?

One day I would love to open my own snooker academy in Lancashire.

last updated: 12/02/2009 at 12:51
created: 06/03/2008

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Tony Poxon
Where can I purchase the snooker coaching DVD and what is the price ?

You are in: Lancashire > People > Inside Lancashire Sport > Pot and shoot!

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