1. Morning

    1. 07:00
      Series 14: 7. Nicked By a Name

      There is a virus spreading through Lakewood Elementary. Can Brain stop it?

    2. 07:10
      Zig & Zag's Zogcasts
      22. Healthy

      Zig and Zag report back to Zog about how Earthlings like to be healthy and keep fit.

    3. 07:15
      The Deep
      Series 2: 6. Finn Comes Aboard

      Pirate boy Smiling Finn comes to the Nektons for help.

    4. 07:35
      MOTD Kickabout: Round-Up

      Catch up on all the latest football results and news.

    5. 07:40

      Topical news magazine for children.

    6. 07:45
      The Zoo
      Series 2: 11. Jurgen and the Giant Poopsicle

      It's a very hot day and all the animals have ice lollies, except the gorillas.

    7. 08:00
      Race to the Edge: 13. Total Nightmare

      When Hookfang is drawn to a female monstrous nightmare, Snotlout tries to break them up.

    8. 08:20

      Topical news magazine for children.

    9. 08:30
      Junior Bake Off
      Series 4: 11. First Quarter-Final

      The first five quarter-finalists enter the Bake Off tent.

    10. 09:00
      Operation Ouch!
      Series 6: 6. Exceptional Eyebrows

      The doctors investigate why we need eyebrows.

    11. 09:25
      Art Ninja
      Series 3: 6. Day of the Vlog

      Gavin thinks that he could get rich and famous by filming a vlog.

    12. 09:55
      Twin It to Win It
      Series 1: 1. Running

      Amelia and Imogen compete for a medal in running at the National Dwarf Games.

    13. 10:05
      Series 1: 1. Siblings

      The Lifebabble team check out the best and worst things about brothers and sisters.

    14. 10:10
      The Next Step
      Series 3: 6. The Times They Are A Changin

      Giselle comes up against a familiar face in her battle for a spot on A-Troupe.

    15. 10:35
      Tracy Beaker Returns
      Series 1: 6. Anarchy in the DG

      Tracy's first night duty descends into a chaotic nightmare certain to end in disaster.

    16. 11:00
      Millie Inbetween
      Series 1: 11. Bermuda Calling

      The family are stunned when Mike is offered a new job in Bermuda.

    17. 11:30
      Millie Inbetween
      Series 1: 13. Access All Areas

      Millie looks back over the series and takes viewers behind the scenes.

    18. 11:55
      The Pets Factor
      Series 1: 6. Hepsie, Poppy and Sadie

      James performs surgery on a pampered rabbit, and Cat has a dirty job on her hands.

  2. Afternoon

    1. 12:20
      Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch
      Series 3: 6. The LA Dogs

      Tilly is on a mission to find out what goes in to making the ultimate sausage snack.

    2. 12:35
      Horrible Histories
      Series 4: Episode 6

      Tsar Peter III brings a very weird case to the Court of Historical Law.

    3. 13:05
      The Dog Ate My Homework
      Series 5: 6. Dylan v Farrah

      Iain is joined by Victoria Cook, Dominique Moore, Ben Shires and Gareth Richards.

    4. 13:30
      Our School
      Series 2: 6. Going Forward, Stepping Back

      Year 7 find out just how strict school used to be in Victorian times.

    5. 14:00
      Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom
      Series 1: 5. Derbyshire

      Dick and Dom reveal the genius of Delia Derbyshire, a pioneer of modern-day music.

    6. 14:30
      Hank Zipzer
      Series 1: 4. Battle of the Goblins

      Hank accidentally breaks his and Frankie's latest science project.

    7. 14:55
      Shark Bites
      Series 1: 15. Epaulette Shark

      Steve Backshall looks at a shark with sensational superpowers - the epaulette shark.

      • HD
    8. 15:00
      Odd Squad
      Series 1: 21. Best Seats in the House

      Olive and Otto battle Oren and Olaf for the best chairs.

    9. 15:10
      Funsize: Episode 7

      Fearless Pete Parsnip comes face to face with a terrifying snake.

    10. 15:15
      Series 14: 31. Buster the Lounge Lizard

      Buster's new remote control car is lost in the mysterious teachers' staffroom.

    11. 15:30
      Danger Mouse
      Series 2: 10. Thanksgiving Sinner

      Danger Mouse and Penfold get a taste of Thanksgiving when they join Jeopardy Mouse.

    12. 15:40
      Zig and Zag
      1. Ice Cream Clone

      Zig and Zag attempt to clone an ice cream in order to cool themselves down.

    13. 15:55
      Now You See It
      Series 1: Episode 1

      Nicole Scherzinger is terrified by a blindfolded magician.

    14. 16:05
      Class Dismissed
      Series 1: 3. Shakespeare

      It is Shakespeare Day at Dockbridge High.

    15. 16:20

      Topical news magazine for children.

    16. 16:30
      So Awkward
      Series 1: 5. Mr Sicky Bear

      Jas is excited to be playing Juliet but is incapable of sticking to the script.

    17. 17:00
      Joe All Alone
      Series 1: 3. No Way Out

      Joe's mum is still not home, he's run out of money and is almost out of food.

    18. 17:30

      Bill Shakespeare (Matthew Baynton) leaves Stratford to follow his dream.

  3. Evening

    1. 19:00
      Horrible Histories
      Specials: 1. Sensational Shakespeare

      A look at the life and times of William Shakespeare.

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    2. 19:35
      How to Be Epic @ Shakespeare

      A one-off special celebrating William Shakespeare with the help of experts.

    3. 19:50
      Nine Minute Ninja
      Series 1: 11. Scary Ninja Skills

      Ricky draws a scary character and makes a goblin puppet and a gassy balloon ghost.

    4. 20:00
      The Dumping Ground
      Series 3: 3. Stuck with You

      Carmen and Jody end up handcuffed together after a floss-based misadventure.

    5. 20:30
      Joe All Alone
      Series 1: 3. No Way Out

      Joe's mum is still not home, he's run out of money and is almost out of food.