1. Morning

    1. 07:00
      Shaun the Sheep
      Series 4: 28. Duck!

      A pair of nesting ducks steal the flock's bedding to make a comfy new home.

    2. 07:05
      Danger Mouse
      Series 2: 3. Colonel Danger Mouse

      When Colonel K goes on holiday, Danger Mouse assumes the mantle of caretaker colonel.

    3. 07:15
      The Deep
      Series 1: 15. Treasure of the Islanders

      The Nektons are in a race to reach hidden treasure before the pirates.

    4. 07:40

      Topical news magazine for children.

    5. 07:45
      Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!
      Series 1: 28. Were-walter

      There's a werewolf-type creature on the prowl and suspicion falls on Gnasher.

      • HD
    6. 08:00
      Race to the Edge: 13. Family on the Edge

      When Dagur comes to Dragon's Edge looking for Heather, Hiccup tries to keep them apart.

    7. 08:20

      Topical news magazine for children.

    8. 08:30
      My Life
      Series 9: 10. Girl Genius

      Child genius Kashmea creates an app to help wheelchair users and allergy sufferers.

    9. 09:00
      Art Ninja
      Series 3: 2. Day of the Match

      Ricky makes a flickball game and a dotty football boot inspired by artist Yayoi Kusama.

      • HD
    10. 09:30
      Horrible Histories
      Series 2: Episode 9

      The Stuarts are confused by the newly discovered drink of tea.

    11. 09:55
      Got What It Takes?
      Series 3: 8. Flying Solo with Aston

      The singers try to master the art of performing while uncomfortable.

    12. 10:35
      The Next Step
      Series 3: 28. Turn, Turn, Turn

      Eldon competes to earn his teams time to prepare for the next round.

    13. 10:55
      The First Pack: 2. Mysterious Developments

      Rhydian and Maddy discover some startling truths about other wolfbloods.

    14. 11:25
      Series 1: 3. Wings

      Katy must adjust to her life in a wheelchair, and Izzie is her main carer at home.

    15. 11:55
      The Worst Witch
      Series 1: 3. Tabby

      Mildred learns that having a scaredy cat makes life at witching school tough.

  2. Afternoon

    1. 12:20
      Wild & Weird
      Series 1: 13. Alien Encounters

      Featuring a mysterious 10-metre-long animal called a pyrosome.

    2. 12:35
      Hacker Time
      Series 5: 7. Ellie Simmonds

      Featuring gold medal-winning Paralympian Ellie Simmonds.

    3. 13:05
      The Dog Ate My Homework
      Series 4: Episode 7

      Iain Stirling is joined by Lauren Layfield, Matthew Crosby, Dan Wright and Marlon Davis.

    4. 13:35
      Top Class
      Series 3: Semi-Final 1: Hollymount v Glenfrome

      Hollymount take on Glenfrome in a quiz show to win the title of Top Class.

    5. 14:00
      Officially Amazing
      Series 3: Episode 6

      Al is in California to witness Norman the wonder dog riding a scooter.

    6. 14:30
      The Dumping Ground
      Series 5: 12. Farvel

      Kazima gets news from her father - he wants Kazima to join him in Denmark.

    7. 15:00
      Odd Squad
      Series 1: 42. A Fist Full of Fruit Juice

      Ms O tells Olive and Otto the story of how she first joined up with the Odd Squad.

    8. 15:10
      Funsize: Episode 2

      The thrill-seeking eggs give a cracking performance in the talent show.

      • HD
    9. 15:15
      Series 15: 34. Go Fly a Kite

      When Binky, Muffy and Ladonna find an abandoned kite, they take joint custody of it.

    10. 15:30
      Zig and Zag
      22. Novel Idea

      Zag decides he needs to sit down, but the only seat available is reserved for authors.

    11. 15:40
      Class Dismissed
      Series 3: 3. Extra-curricular Teaching

      Juan Castanetta takes another unusual approach to teaching Spanish.

      • HD
    12. 16:00
      The Pets Factor
      Series 3: 8. Bella, Apollo and Storm

      James performs major surgery to provide much-needed relief to a beautiful bichon.

    13. 16:20

      Topical news magazine for children.

    14. 16:30
      Art Ninja
      Series 4: 4. Day of the Hair

      Ricky orders an anti-baldness potion and things get scary as hair grows everywhere.

    15. 17:00
      Secret Life of Boys
      Series 2: 5. The Visitor

      Ethan and Ginger find out Matt has been so mysterious all summer.

    16. 17:25
      Operation Ouch! Hospital Takeover
      5. Super Saliva

      The doctors reveal how amazing your saliva is, and catch up with patients Ruby and Tola.

    17. 17:55
      Class Dismissed
      Series 2: 5. Strictly Come Teaching

      Mr Capp falls foul of one of Hillary Head's new rules.

  3. Evening

    1. 18:10
      Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!
      Series 1: 29. Dennis TV

      Walter launches his own mega-dull, hypnotic TV channel that swamps all other channels!

    2. 18:25
      Defenders of Berk: 15. A Tale of Two Dragons

      The town is getting ready for harvest, but Hookfang and Stormfly can't get on.

    3. 18:50
      Scream Street
      40. Friendly Neighbourhood Werewolf

      Eefa casts a spell to save Luke from being evicted from Scream Street.

    4. 19:00
      Horrible Histories
      Series 2: Episode 9

      The Stuarts are confused by the newly discovered drink of tea.

    5. 19:30
      Marrying Mum and Dad
      Series 2: 6. Spy

      Callum, Chloe and Paula plan a spy-themed civil partnership ceremony for their two dads.

    6. 20:00
      Jamie Johnson
      Series 2: 4. Trial and Error

      It's Dillon's first try-out at Hawkstone Academy and Jack covers it for the school blog.

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    7. 20:30
      Secret Life of Boys
      Series 2: 5. The Visitor

      Ethan and Ginger find out Matt has been so mysterious all summer.

    8. 20:50
      Epic Quick Blast
      Series 2: Episode 3

      Experts demonstrate how to make a bubble eruption, do a cool scooter trick and make cola.