1. Morning

    1. 06:10
      The Wonder of Animals
      9. Dolphins

      How dolphins hunt using a combination of specialised anatomy and complex communication.

    2. 06:40
      Naomi's Nightmares of Nature
      Series 4: 13. Bonus Bites

      Naomi Wilkinson rounds up her globetrotting travels with unseen bits from the show.

    3. 07:10
      The Pets Factor
      Series 1: 3. Jabba, Lolly and Hercules

      Jabba the Pug receives a facelift, and Lolly the guinea pig goes under risky anaesthetic.

    4. 07:30
      Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch
      Series 1: 5. The Big Food Fight

      Matilda sets up a food face-off with her family - British versus American.

    5. 07:45
      Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch
      Series 1: 6. The Bollywood Party

      Matilda and her family cook up some incredible Indian party food.

    6. 08:00
      The Dengineers
      Series 2: 3. Gingerbread Den

      The Dengineers build ten-year-old Carrie a gingerbread house den.

    7. 08:30
      Deadly Top 10
      Series 1: 3. Killer Tactics

      Steve is on a mission to choose his ten favourite killer tactics.

    8. 09:00
      Robot Wars
      Series 8: Episode 2

      Robot Thor clashes with father-and-son team Will and Ian from Team Shockwave.

    9. 10:00
      Steve Backshall's Extreme Mountain Challenge
      Episode 2

      Steve ventures deep within a tepui, inside a newly discovered cave.

    10. 11:00
      Snow Wolf Family and Me
      Episode 1

      Gordon Buchanan travels to the remote Canadian Arctic in search of wild wolves.

  2. Afternoon

    1. 12:00
      Hairy Bikers' Mediterranean Adventure
      Series 1: Episode 3

      The independent spirit of the people shines through in Si and Dave's Corsican adventure.

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    2. 13:00
      A Vicar's Life
      Series 1: Episode 2

      Ruth takes on an assistant who left an executive lifestyle for a new life in the Church.

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    3. 13:30
      Back to the Land with Kate Humble
      Series 1: 3. The Lake District

      Kate Humble helps with lambing at a fifth-generation farm.

    4. 14:30
      Trust Me, I'm a Doctor
      Series 7: Episode 3

      Michael Mosley finds out if eating carbs in the evening is bad for you.

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    5. 15:00
      Australian Open Tennis
      2018: Day 6 Highlights

      Kat Downes presents highlights of the third round at the Australian Open in Melbourne.

    6. 16:30
      Masters Snooker
      2018: Semi-Final 2

      Jason Mohammad introduces continued coverage from the 2018 Masters semi-final.

    7. 17:30
      Tom Kerridge's Lose Weight For Good
      Series 1: 3. Special Treats

      Tom provides treat recipes targeted at foodies who love good food and want to lose weight.

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  3. Evening

    1. 18:00
      Hugh's Wild West
      Series 1: Episode 3

      Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall explores the ancient woods and valleys of Dartmoor.

    2. 19:00
      Masters Snooker
      2018: Semi-Final 3

      Semi-final action continues, with the first to six frames booking his place in the final.

    3. 22:30
      QI XL
      Series O: 12. The Occult

      Sandi and Alan look into the occult with Aisling Bea, Russell Brand and Noel Fielding.

    4. 23:15
      Performance Live
      I Told My Mum I Was Going on an RE Trip

      Warm, honest drama exploring issues around abortion for young women today.

  4. Late

    1. 00:00
      Masters Snooker Extra
      2018: Day 7

      Hazel Irvine presents highlights from Saturday afternoon's best-of-11-frames semi-final.