1. Morning

    1. 06:00
      Watch live
      Alba Today

      Sealladh ùr bho Alba. A new view from Scotland.

  2. Afternoon

    1. 17:00
      Leugh le Linda
      Series 1: 9. An Croitear

      Linda Macleod travels to Glasgow to meet local nursery school pupils.

    2. 17:18
      Sù Shiùsaidh/Little Suzy's Zoo
      Series 1: 25. Nach Dèan Sinn Pairèid

      Tha Witzy airson Boof a chur ann an sunnd. Witzy attempts to cheer Boof up.

    3. 17:20
      Pincidh Dincidh Dù
      11. Naidheachdan Spòrs le Donaidh Dincidh Dù (Tyler Dinky Doo's Sporting News)

      Pincidh doesn't want to be part of the soccer team.

    4. 17:33
      Treud na Dlùth-choille - Grad-Naidheachd/Jungle Bunch
      Series 1: 19. Seachain Gàire!

      An-diugh, tha gach duine a seachnadh gàire. Today, the aim is to avoid laughter.

    5. 17:35
      Srath Sona/Happy Valley
      5. Duilleagan Foghair (Autumn Leaves)

      The children enjoy a seasonal walk and discover the shapes and colours of autumn leaves.

    6. 17:40
      13. A-muigh 's a-staigh (Inside Outside)

      What a beautiful day it is. Will Bruno play inside or outside?

    7. 17:45
      Na Floogals
      12. Pròiseict Banana

      The Floogals find a Hooman fruit called a banana and learn lots about it.

    8. 17:55
      Tree Fu Tom
      Series 1: 20. Spùinneadairean an Rùsg Chaillt

      Tha Twigs trang le leabhar-cruinneachaidh. Twigs is busy collecting for his 'bark book'.

  3. Evening

    1. 18:20
      Ceistean Lara
      13. Cuideachadh Lara

      Lara is homesick and her friends don't seem to be able to cheer her up.

    2. 18:35
      Sealgairean Spòrsail/History Hunters
      12. Afraga/Africa

      Travel to Africa with Calum, Kerry Anne and the History Hunters.

    3. 19:00

      A series about fascinating houses and the characters who lived in them.

    4. 19:25
      Binneas - Na Trads
      Series 1: 2. N.E. Folk Collective

      The N.E. Folk Collective perform.

    5. 19:30
      Speaking Our Language
      Series 2: Episode 10

      Gaelic for beginners, presented by Rhoda MacDonald.

    6. 19:55
      Earrann Eachdraidh/History Shorts
      Episode 3

      History short looking at fitness trends.

    7. 20:00
      An Là

      Local, national and international news from BBC ALBA.

    8. 20:30
      Series 3: Episode 5

      Còcaireachd airson ceann-bliadhna. Cooking for a birthday party.

    9. 21:00
      Opry an Iúir
      Series 5: Episode 2

      Daniel O'Donnell and Anne Sinclair introduce Trudi Lalor and Matthew O'Donnell.

    10. 21:55
      Dhan Uisge
      Series 1: 5. Cuan Sound

      Calum Maclean shares his passion for swimming in remote, cold rivers and lochs.

    11. 22:00
      Series 7: 15. Caraidean Ceithir Chasach/A Dog's Life

      The special bond between man and dog.

    12. 23:00
      Togaidh Sinn Fonn
      Series 4: Episode 6

      A selection of Scotland's best musicians and singers.

    13. 23:25
      Series 4: Episode 6

      Iain MacKinnon presents a mix of hymns, psalms and personal faith stories.

    14. 23:55
      Alba Today

      Sealladh ùr bho Alba. A new view from Scotland.