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Troubleshooting problems for downloads on PC and Mac

Check our Why am I having problems with the BBC iPlayer Downloads application? FAQ for up-to-date information on known issues with the BBC iPlayer Downloads application.

Having problems using BBC iPlayer Downloads? 

Try the following steps to see if they help:

  1. Restart the application 
    Close the application by simply pressing the X in the top corner of the application window. Then reopen it and try downloading a programme again.

  2. Check if the programme has expired
    If you can’t play the programme, it might be because it has expired. Remember, downloaded programmes have the same availability as programmes on the website. Check the BBC iPlayer website to see if the episode is still available or if it has expired.

  3. Remove the programme and download it again
    There may have been an issue with the internet connection when you downloaded the programme which could cause issues when you try to play it, so delete the download and try downloading it again.

  4. Check you're on the latest version of the application
    Click on 'Settings' located at the top right of the application and then click on 'Check for Updates'. If there is a newer version available, update and try downloading again. You can check the release notes to see what the latest version is.

Problems installing or updating the application?

If you’re installing the app for the first time, please check that your computer operating system supports it. We list system requirements on our install page. Linux is not supported. We've got more information about this in our Why can't I download on Linux? FAQ. 

If an older version exists and can’t be removed, or you’re being asked for the .msi installation folder path, you should uninstall the version you're currently using and then install the latest version of BBC iPlayer Downloads.

Still not working?

If you’re still having problems using the app or playing programmes, try removing and reinstalling BBC iPlayer Downloads. You'll need to download any programmes again as they'll be deleted when you uninstall. 

For help uninstalling the application and its associated files completely, check the relevant page for your computer:

How to uninstall BBC iPlayer Downloads on a PC
How to uninstall BBC iPlayer Downloads on a Mac

  • Seeing an error message?
    Check our Why am I having problems with the BBC iPlayer Downloads application? page for the latest updates and advice on known error messages.

  • Downloads stopping at 99%?
    We know that some programmes, when attempting to download, stop at 99%. When this happens you can still play the programme and it shouldn't affect your viewing quality.

  • Slow download speeds?
    If you’ve got Series Record set up for your computer, try switching this off temporarily (by going to “By series”) as it may reduce download speeds. We’d also recommend pausing all other active downloads by going to the “Date Downloaded” section and selecting Pause on any programmes that are downloading at the same time.

  • Seeing a message saying you don't have the right permissions?
    You might need to check the permissions for the BBC iPlayer Downloads folder on your computer. You can find out how to do this on our How to check your permissions for BBC iPlayer Downloads (PC/Mac) FAQ.

Still need help?

If you have a problem that's not listed or you can't resolve it using the guidance provided on this help site, then contact us. Please provide as much information as possible including:

  • The version of BBC iPlayer Downloads installed on your computer (you can find this by going to Settings in the application)
  • The operating system and version of your computer (for example, Windows 10 or Mac OS 10.12)
  • Time and date of download
  • Name of programme downloaded
  • ISP and package e.g. BT Infinity 38Mb (20GB cap)
  • Location e.g. Manchester.
  • Type of network e.g. Wi-Fi or Ethernet 

If possible, please also provide a copy of the BBC iPlayer Downloads log files (found in BBC iPlayer Downloads application > Settings > Open log).

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