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BBC iPlayer closure on some older Samsung TVs (October 2017)

BBC iPlayer has closed on some older Samsung TVs. All affected devices are listed in the table below. All Samsung devices that continue to be supported are listed in the Samsung BBC iPlayer Certified Devices page.

If you have a TV set affected by this closure, you'll still be able to use it as long as you adapt it with a set-top box or a streaming device. Have a look at the following FAQ for guidance in choosing a device: Help choosing a device to connect to your existing TV.

How do I know if my TV is affected?

If you had a message on-screen when you accessed BBC iPlayer advising that the device is no longer supported, then you're affected.

What do you mean by adapting my TV?

If you connect a BBC iPlayer enabled device to your television you'll be able to watch BBC iPlayer again through your existing TV without the performance issues that are currently affecting the devices below, like the app crashing while using BBC iPlayer.

There are lots of devices, like set-top boxes or streaming devices, that connect to the TV's HDMI inputs for you to choose from, but you should have a look at the Getting started on a TV FAQ to make sure that your device is certified.

 Devices no longer certified after 17 October 2017

Manufacturer Device Model Year
Samsung TV LE32C650L1KXXU 2010
Samsung TV LE32C652L2KXXU 2010
Samsung TV LE32C654M1KXXU  2010
Samsung TV LE37C650L1KXXU 2010
Samsung TV LE40C650L1KXXU 2010
Samsung TV LE40C652L2KXXU 2010
Samsung TV LE40C654M1KXXU 2010
Samsung TV LE40C750R2KXXU 2010
Samsung TV LE46C650L1KXXU 2010
Samsung TV LE46C652L2KXXU 2010
Samsung TV LE46C654M1KXXU 2010
Samsung TV LE46C750R2KXXU 2010
Samsung TV LE55C650L1KXXU 2010
Samsung TV LE60C650L1KXXU 2010
Samsung TV PS50C6500TKXXU 2010
Samsung TV PS50C6900YKXXU 2010
Samsung TV PS50C7000YKXXU 2010
Samsung TV PS58C6500TKXXU 2010
Samsung TV PS63C7000YKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE32C6505UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE32C6510UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE32C6530UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE32C6540SKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE32C6600UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE32C6620UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE32C8000XWXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE37C6505UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE37C6530UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE37C6540SKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE37C6600UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE37C6620UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE40C6505UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE40C6510UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE40C6530UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE40C6540SKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE40C6600UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE40C6620UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE40C6900VSXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE40C7000WKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE40C8000XWXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE40C9000SKXXU  2010
Samsung TV UE40C9000ZKXXU  2010
Samsung TV UE46C6505UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE46C6510UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE46C6530UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE46C6540SKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE46C6600UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE46C6620UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE46C6900VSXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE46C7000WKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE46C8000XWXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE46C9000SKXXU  2010
Samsung TV UE46C9000ZKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE55C6505UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE55C6530UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE55C6540SKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE55C6600UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE55C6620UKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE55C6900VSXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE55C7000WKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE55C8000XKXXU 2010
Samsung TV UE55C9000SKXXU  2010
Samsung TV UE55C9000ZKXXU  2010
Samsung TV UE65C8000XKXXU 2010
Samsung BD Recorder BD-C8200M/XEU 2010
Samsung BD Recorder BD-C8900M/XEU (3D) 2010
Samsung Blu-Ray Player BD-C5500/XEU 2010
Samsung Blu-Ray Player BD-C5900/XEU (3D) 2010
Samsung Blu-Ray Player BD-C6500/XEU 2010
Samsung Blu-Ray Player BD-C6800/XEU (3D) 2010
Samsung Blu-Ray Player BD-C6900/XEU (3D) 2010
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HT-C5200/XEU 2010
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HT-C5500/XEU 2010
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HT-C5500D/XEU 2010
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HT-C5530/XEU 2010
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HT-C5550/XEU 2010
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HT-C5800/XEU (3D) 2010
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HT-C5900/XEU (3D) 2010
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HT-C6500/XEU 2010
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HT-C6730W/XEU 2010
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HT-C6930W/XEU (3D) 2010
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HT-C7200/XEU 2010
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HT-C7300/XEU 2010
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HT-C7550W/XEU 2010
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HT-C9950W/XEU (3D) 2010
Samsung TV PS51D6900DKXXU 2011
Samsung TV PS51D8000FUXXU 2011
Samsung TV PS59D6900DKXXU 2011
Samsung TV PS64D8000FUXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE32D5200TKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE32D5520TKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE32D6000TKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE32D6100SKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE32D6510WKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE32D6530WKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE32D6750WKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE37D5200TKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE37D6000TKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE37D6100SKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE37D6510WKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE37D6530WKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE37D6750WKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE40D5200TKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE40D6000TKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE40D6100SKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE40D6510WKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE40D6530WKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE40D6750WKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE40D7000LUXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE40D8000YUXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE46C9000SKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE46C9000ZKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE46D6000TKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE46D6100SKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE46D6510WKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE46D6530WKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE46D6750WKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE46D7000LUXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE46D8000YUXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE55C9000SKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE55C9000ZKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE55D6100SKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE55D6510WKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE55D6530WKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE55D6750WKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE55D7000LUXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE55D8000YUXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE60D6505VKXXU 2011
Samsung TV UE60D8000YUXXU 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player BD-D5300 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player BD-D5500 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player BD-D6500 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player BD-D6900M 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player BD-D7000 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player BD-D7500 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player BD-D8200M 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player BD-D8500M 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player BD-D8900M 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player BD-DT7800 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HTS HT-D4200 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HTS HT-D4500 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HTS HT-D5000 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HTS HT-D5100 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HTS HT-D5200 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HTS HT-D5500 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HTS HT-D5530 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HTS HT-D5550 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HTS HT-D6500 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HTS HT-D6750W 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HTS HT-D7100 2011
Samsung Blu-Ray Player HTS HT-D7200 2011
Samsung PVR SMT-S7800 2011

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