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Help choosing a device to connect to your existing TV

This page is useful if you're looking for help choosing a device to connect to an existing TV to use BBC iPlayer. 

If support for your device has come to an end, or your existing device isn't supported, you can use the links on this page to read external articles that review and recommend devices. Some of the most popular devices are also the most affordable.

We also recommend that you check whether you already have another supported device connected to your TV (like a set-top box, games console, etc.). At the bottom of our Getting started on a TV page, you'll find links to all supported devices. 

Here's a selection of websites to try:

And try searching yourself, you’ll find a lot of information online as well as in high street stores. If you’ve narrowed your search down to a few devices, try reading a few reviews for each device. Before you make a purchase, just make sure the device is certified to use BBC iPlayer by going to the Getting started on a TV page and using the manufacturer links in the table at the bottom of the page.

The BBC is not responsible for any external sites and any opinions expressed are not those of the BBC.


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