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iPlayer Help Troubleshooting Mobile & Tablet Why am I having problems with my Chromecast?

Why am I having problems with my Chromecast?

This is how we support Chromecast on BBC iPlayer:

  • BBC iPlayer app for mobiles and tablets: live and on-demand programmes
  • BBC iPlayer website through the Chrome browser on a laptop, mobile or tablet: on-demand programmes only
Trying to cast a live BBC channel? You can only do this on the BBC iPlayer app on a mobile or tablet. It's not possible to cast live channels from the BBC iPlayer website. The programme will become available to watch on demand shortly after broadcast which you will be able to cast.
  • Why am I connected to Chromecast but unable to see the cast icon?
    Some Windows users may be able to connect to the Chromecast dongle from the Chrome browser but are unable to see the cast icon on the BBC iPlayer website. This may be caused by anti-virus or firewall software interfering with your computer's connected to the dongle. Google provides advice on this issue via their Chomecast Support page.

  • Why can't I control playback from my computer?
    Your connection to control playback will be lost if your computer goes to sleep or if you close, navigate away from, or refresh the BBC iPlayer page in your web browser. However, the programme can still be controlled via the BBC iPlayer app on your mobile or tablet. You'll need to choose a new programme to gain back control on your computer. 

  • Why can't I take control of a programme on my Android device if I started it on my computer? 
    This is a technical issue we're trying to resolve with Google. 

What should I do if my issue isn't listed? 

Try restarting the Chromecast dongle by switching it off at the mains or removing the dongle briefly from your TV to see if that helps. But if you need more help, check Chomecast Support for troubleshooting advice. The Chromecast website has further information on the functionality available on your Chromecast device.

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