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Get started with BBC iPlayer on Sky

Installing BBC iPlayer 

If you have a compatible Sky+HD box connected to the Internet (with any broadband provider), you can catch up with BBC TV programmes from the last 30 days on BBC iPlayer.

You can access BBC iPlayer directly from Sky's on-demand section, and choose from many of the BBC's most popular shows. 

To find BBC iPlayer on Sky HD:

  • Press the TV Guide button on your Sky remote control.
  • Navigate to the On Demand section, then Catch Up.
  • Choose BBC iPlayer from the menu.

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Where to find programmes 

Programmes are available to watch for up to 30 days after broadcast. Programmes that have been downloaded will automatically delete from the Sky EPG once they were due to expire.

Programmes are listed in our usual BBC iPlayer categories, channels, featured and most popular sections. You can also find and play a range of regional, signed and HD programmes.  

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I'm having trouble using BBC iPlayer on Sky, where can I get help?

For any issues with Sky On Demand, visit the Sky On Demand help site.

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

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