BBC iPlayer closure on some older Sony TVs (February 2020)

BBC iPlayer closed on some older Sony TVs on Monday 17 February 2020. All affected devices are listed below. 

If you have a TV set affected by this closure, you'll still be able to use it as long as you adapt it with a set-top box or a streaming device. Check the following page for guidance in choosing a device: Help choosing a device to connect to your existing TV.

How do I know if my TV is affected? 

If you have a message on screen when you access BBC iPlayer advising that the device will lose BBC iPlayer from Monday 17 February, then you're affected. 

What do you mean by adapting my TV? 

If you connect a BBC iPlayer enabled device to your television, you'll be able to watch BBC iPlayer again through your existing TV without the performance issues that are currently affecting the devices below, like the app crashing while using BBC iPlayer. 

There are lots of devices, like set-top boxes or streaming devices, that connect to the TV's HDMI inputs for you to choose from, but you should have a look at the Getting started on a TV page to make sure that your device is certified. 

Devices no longer certified from Monday 17 February 2020

2012 models
EX44 series
EX55 series
EX65 series
HX75 series
HX85 series
HX95 series
2013 models
W6**A series
W7**A series
W905A series
W805A series
W855A series
X8**A series