How long are programmes available for?

We aim to make programmes available for as long as possible. And while much of our content is available for 30 days after broadcast, many more programmes are becoming available for longer (365 days or more). So you don’t miss out, we display how long a programme is available just below its description on the playback page.

Screenshot of BBC iPlayer website showing availability of an episode of Inside the Factory

Most programmes are available to download (on the mobile/tablet app or on your computer) and will have the same availability as it would if you were streaming it.

It may take a while to make a programme available on demand after broadcast if the programme was live or recorded close to live. Rather than wait, you may be able to rewind the live TV channel by up to 2 hours

Some films may not be available either to watch live or on demand. 

We're busy working towards making even more programmes available for longer.

Programmes with a longer availability

  • Some current affairs programmes, such as HARDtalk, Click and Panorama, are available for 365 days
  • Most BBC Three programmes are available for more than a year
  • More drama, documentaries, comedy and children's series are becoming available for longer

Programmes available for 30 days

  • Much of our content is available for 30 days. However, if a programme is repeated, its availability will be extended, usually for another 30 days. 

Programmes with a shorter availability

  • News bulletins may only be available for up to 24 hours after broadcast or until the next bulletin is broadcast
  • For legal reasons, Crimewatch Roadshow is only available for 24 hours after broadcast
  • Some sport coverage and films may have a shorter availability
  • Sometimes we'll remove a programme for editorial/legal reasons; when we do this, we list it on our known issues page

Can you extend the availability of a programme if I get in touch?

Unfortunately not. But please be assured that we always try to make programmes available as long as our rights allow.

You can, however, check to see if a programme is going to be repeated in the near future by visiting the programme website for a particular programme. If you're using BBC iPlayer through a web browser, a link is displayed at the bottom left of the playback page.

Screenshot of BBC iPlayer website showing link to Inside the Factory's programme website